Fabulous Florist :: Blushing Blooms – Flowers by Sally Thompson

Your name: Blushing Blooms – Flowers by Sally Thompson
Your location: Glenhaven, Sydney, Australia

How did you start your business: I always knew that I wanted to have a career where I could be creative and work with colour and design, I was
always aware that I would not be happy working behind a desk. I studied at Richmond TAFE (Australia’s leading learning facility for floral design) and
have completed my Certificates in Floristry and during this time I immersed myself in the industry. I began work experience and quite honestly, I fell in
love. For years after this I happily worked in other florists but six months ago I knew it was my time – I wanted to begin my own journey with a boutique
studio that represented me. A store that celebrated my passion, aesthetic and values – my own vision. And today, here we are! In many ways I am beginning
that love affair with flowers all over again, this time as my own boss.

What is your design aesthetic?
I love soft, romantic designs. The prettier, more feminine and more girly the better. I’m an art deco and vintage lover so a bouquet that celebrates that aesthetic embellished with a charming little buckle or broach or bit of fancy is my idea of perfection!

What inspires you?
As a florist, inspiration is everywhere! At Blushing Blooms our inspiration is drawn from nature. We love to celebrate colour, form and seasonality. We like to create designs that allow already beautiful products to simply sing.
We follow trends from overseas in both Europe and America of course are guided by what our customers like and request – we are lucky in finding them
to have a lovely taste point.
In general, I take creative inspiration from art, interior design, music, fashion and colour.

What are the trends, flowers and colours that are unique to your region?
Australia has some amazing natives and these are enjoying resurgence with the more progressive clients in both bridal bouquets and day-to-day
designs. Peonies are the most requested bridal flower for us at the moment; unfortunately we spend lots of time educating brides that they are not
available year round! I believe yellow will be an emerging colour trend in 2011.
I guess one of the biggest and most interesting differences between the Australian and American wedding industries is the use of a planner. Most
Australian brides do not have wedding planners, whereas it seems to be the norm in the US. 95% of our wedding work we are dealing direct with a bride
not a planner.

Are you retail shop, studio, warehouse or home based?
We are a small boutique shop, we are located within a garden centre that also hosts a restaurant / café.

Do you offer any additional services in addition to floral design?
No we are purely floral designers.

What does your toolbox look like?
It’s a stainless steel tradies (tradesman’s) toolbox from the hardware store.
Its designed with compartments to be very tidy but I can’t claim that it is. It’s jam packed with my knife, scissors, secateurs, wires in a cloth binding,
embellishments, a hot glue gun, double sided tape, parafilm, rubber bands,sticky tape, deodorant – I could go on but I think I should stop here!

What’s your favourite flower?
Ranunculus. They are such a soft, pretty flower, and they remind me of

Anything else you’d like to share with Flirty Fleurs readers?
Thank you so much for featuring us! We are honoured to be the first Australian florists on Flirty Fleurs!

Please feel free to visit our blog www.blushingblooms.com.au/blog we’d also love to hear from any other florists around the world who are blogging
– our wedding industry colleagues the photography community have really embraced one another globally and worked hard to develop a positive
blogging culture – I think the best and most progressive in floristry should be doing the same! There’s so many advantages we can capitalise on together.

Contact Information:
Blushing Blooms – Flowers by Sally Thompson
A member of the Interflora Network
609 Old Northern Rd
Glenhaven NSW Australia
Phone :+612 8850 7030
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Blushing-Blooms-Flowers-by-Sally-Thompson/103175219738697

Images by: www.beautifulmoments.com.au

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  1. I’m in love with the protea bouquet!

  2. I love your work Sally! The protea bouquet is amazing! I also love the last photo of the wrap bouquet, what are the white things?

  3. What a great write up from an interesting florist! I totally agree on the comments on blogging (and the comparison to photographers), the independent florists must unite and take the industry forward together. It’s time we celebrated our community more openly and proudly. Thanks Flirty Fleurs for sharing an inspiring and smart operator with us all.

  4. I thought this was interesting:
    “I guess one of the biggest and most interesting differences between the Australian and American wedding industries is the use of a planner. Most
    Australian brides do not have wedding planners, whereas it seems to be the norm in the US. 95% of our wedding work we are dealing direct with a bride
    not a planner.”
    I’d be willing to say when I started my business 8 years ago wedding planners weren’t too common. I think in America they started to get popular and become the “norm” about 5 years ago. Now we have a lot of wedding venues that require at least a day of coordinator.
    I wonder if you’ll see an increase in the years to come?
    Anyone else have thoughts on that?

  5. Kathryn Sharpe says:

    Hi Flirty Fleurs – I work for Sally (I’m both a senior florist and a senior citizen!) and its so exciting to see her name “up in lights”.

    I think the wedding planner trend stems from good ol’ Franc in Father of the Bride! Who doesn’t want swans at their wedding 😉

    Thanks again for a great write-up and an interesting, informative website.



  6. Thank you so much for the write up and for showcasing our work. We are bursting with pride at being the first Aussie’s you have featured!

    Chuck – the white star shaped flowers are bouvardia – extremely popular at the moment with Australian brides as a tight posy bouquet.

    Cheers and thanks again,

    Sally xo

  7. Yes the Florist do need to come together and united, it the only way we all can really become successful by helping each other. Great work Sally, I like your blog story about you and your company. Very nice floral design too.