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Ron Morgan Design in Oakland, California! Visiting Ron’s store called LOOT and attending his lecture on floral design is what started our whole Excellent Flower Adventures trip in the Bay Area. When I was in the Emergency Room all night I just kept thinking – I cannot miss his lecture! (flower addict and proud of it). Laurie and I really did rally and got a second wind of energy to make it to his lecture on time. Our friend, Marian of Savage Rose Florals, was already there, she is a huge fan of Ron Morgan. Laurie and I grabbed our seats and enjoyed the show. Ron is a hoot! He kept the ladies entertained with all his stories and his design style is so natural, he just keeps going and never hesitates where he’ll place a flower. I quite loved his designs, especially the white and green piece and the all orange piece.
Now I’m going to be a tattle-tail. I really, really wanted to get nice photographs of the arrangements for all of you to see .. however, a few of the other ladies in attendance did not act very mature – they grabbed the arrangements after Ron was done speaking and would not let the rest of us ladies take a few photographs. Ron does sell the arrangements at a very nice price after the lecture and these ladies were not about to lose the arrangements.
I’m so thankful that Laurie was able to get as many photographs as she did!
Ron Morgan Designs

Ron Morgan Designs

Ron Morgan Designs

Ron Morgan Designs

Ron Morgan Designs

Ron Morgan Designs

red flower arrangements

pink flower arrangements

purple spring arrangement

orange flower arrangement

orange flower arrangement

red flower arrangement

green and white arrangement

orange flower arrangement

Definitely a fun lecture to attend. If you are ever in Oakland I would suggest visiting LOOT and attending one of Ron’s Lectures!

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  1. Love these Alicia, sad these ladies were such flower hoggers!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! The designs and unique flowers/foliage are stunning!

  3. in the arrangement with the white/green ranunculus are those geranium leaves? How beautiful.

  4. Alex, it was a feeding frenzy. Unfortunate that these ladies were so obviously flower deprived! They need a florist- fast!

  5. Kathleen, those are zonal geranium leaves. I planted one of the same variety this spring!

  6. Southern Traditions says:

    Thanks for the info about excellent flower fun in the Bay Area. Saw Ron here in Orlando and got good photos–sorry about your experience. I’m on my way to visit our daughter in Oakland, and will love using your posts as a guide.

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