Excellent Flower Adventures :: Flora Grubb, San Francisco

After leaving Filoli Laurie and I drove north to San Francisco, we were ecstatic to get to Flora Grubb!
I have to say that if you are ever in San Francisco make sure you visit Flora Grubb. *Part* of what really gets me about Flora Grubb is its location, it’s in the center of an industrial part of SF, however when you walk into their gardens you would think you’ve been transported to a faraway land – it is quite magical. To top it all off, they have a cafe inside where you can order a cappuccino and a sugary treat. Laurie and I did just so, we took our afternoon pick-me-ups into the garden and sat at a table where we relaxed and took in this whole urban oasis.

Flora Grubb Gardens

Entrance to Flora Grubb.

Laurie Garza Fleurie Flowers

Here’s Laurie at Flora Grubb Gardens

table with succulents

This is a wood table with a runner of succulents growing in the center. This is where Laurie and I enjoyed our afternoon treats.

coffee shop inside flora grubb

Our pretty little cappuccinos

table with a big cactus

chairs for sale

love this way to display chairs for sale

succulents at flora grubb

airplants in a vase

airplants and tillandsia

moss table

How about a moss bar?



Flora Grubb Gardens

flora sign made out of succulents

succulent walls

Flora Grubb Gardens

Flora Grubb Gardens


Flora Grubb Gardens

pink clematis

white passionflower

cactus and succulents

cactus and succulents

Flora Grubb Gardens


pink orchid

Passion Flowers

Love Passionflowers!

Flora Grubb Gardens

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  1. I’d love to got there. All those succulents!

  2. Thank you so much for this fantastic blog post! You’ve taken some of the best pics of the store that we’ve seen, and it’s such a pleasure to read your experience of being here and enjoying the visit.

  3. So beautiful! I would love to go there