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Perhaps your New Year’s resolution is to add eCommerce to your website? The next question, how to best achieve this goal.
Here’s a great solution : epicFlowers!

Brandon, tell us a little bit about yourself & what you are offering:
A shop owner or ten years with my wife Leslie. Technology is my passion and I started epicFlowers to help florists have the best at a price they can afford. Florists with TF or FTD site are locked in, pay too much and the technology is way behind. I also want to bring credibility to the online floral industry. I did a survey and out of 65 florists, I found out that 75% of the time someone orders something on their online store, they DO NOT get what they saw. That is a joke. The floral industry is the only retail industry online that if someone orders X, they rarely get it. How long do you think Amazon.com or Zappos.com would have been in business if that were the truth? I lay in bed thinking of ways to change the buying experience for consumers online giving the brick and mortar florist the upper hand over order gatherers.

What is EpicFlowers?
We are a floral software and marketing company and your internet experts when it comes to technology, social media and marketing so you don’t have to be.

What it looks like:

Why Choose epicFlowers?
There has never been a better time to get serious about your business online. We offer the best selling solution online at the best price and we’re dedicated to service. We have been in the floral industry for over 10 years and have a passion to help those in our industry succeed online against online competitors.

Are there any contracts to sign?
No. Payments are made month-by-month and you can cancel at any time. If you cancel we will stop billing you immediately. We’re all about choice and if you don’t like epicFlowers then we wont force you to stay.

How much does it cost and what’s included?
A one time fee of $1299 for a customized website that is also mobile commerce ready (no need for an app) and $24.95 a month. If you add your own products, which we can teach you how, the one time fee is $999.
2 GB bandwidth, up to 100 products, 200 MB Storage & $50 credit to Google AdWords.
Awesome phone tech support six days a week, web site hosting, a secure socket layer, unlimited email accounts, easy to watch ‘how to’ videos and the most cutting edge software upgrades in the industry. You will always be ahead of your competition.
And the list goes on! For more details read this page:
More importantly compare epicFlowers to the competition

Who can join epicFlowers.com?
Real Florists. Real Floral Wholesalers. Real Floral Farms. Our foundation is built on the philosophy of leveling the playing field in the floral industry against faceless corporations. These faceless giants have millions of dollars a year to spend on online marketing and eCommerce, but most floral businesses don’t. That’s where epicFlowers comes in. We save you time, money and level the playing field when it comes to technology, social media and marketing. In most cases the technology we give our floral businesses is far ahead of the large online floral corporations.

Do florists upload their own photos to the online shop?
Yes they can, but we have a special method I am working on that has the potential to change the way flowers are ordered online forever, but won’t be out for another six to twelve months. Here is what I’m working on:

A way for florists to use their smart phones and upload real time designs so when people shop online they know what they’re getting. The ONLY way you can beat order gatherers is to offer a service a consumer finds more valuable that the OG cannot re-create. And this is my solution to burn OGs down giving retail florists the powers to take control of the online sector, which they do not own control of.

Another project: An amazon.com type website for the floral industry. A place where farms and wholesalers can go sell direct to florists. Our shop has always bought directly from the farm.. not through a broker or a wholesaler or any middleman… directly from the farm. Florists would love to do this, but don’t know how, I hope this site will help do this as well as other things.

I’m also working on a way a customer, after buying flowers or any retail item, can record a video and send it via email. I’m going to market this heavily to other industries other than the floral industry. How cool will it be for you to sing happy birthday to your mom on a video that she watches after opening the shoes you just sent her from Zappos?

I’m also working on an online floral magazine that is an RSS aggregator – http://www.netvibes.com/epicflowers

What is the future of epicFlowers?
We are in the process of developing our own iPhone and Android applications that will keep you on the front line of floral technology as well as major updates to our shopping cart. Also planned are shopping cart widgets that can be put on any web site containing all your product is also something we’re working towards. For example, you can put this widget on your local newspaper’s web site. The consumer will to go that news paper web site and buy flowers from you, without ever leaving the local paper site. This is GREAT local affiliate marketing.

My whole passion in life is to give the little guy (underdog) the tools to compete with the big guys and do a better job.

Contact Information:
brandon kirkland
real time florists inc.
mobile: 541.708.1973
FB /epicflowers
T /epicflowers

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