Entries for the Prom Design Contest – Vote for your favorite!

We have 35 entries in our Prom Design Contest!

Now it’s your turn to vote for your favorite!

Please leave your vote in the comment section on this page – the number of your selection and why you like it.

We will not count votes left on the facebook page or on individual photo pages.

The top FIVE entries will be posted next Monday on Flirty Fleurs, Pioneer Imports & Wholesale will select the winner from those 5 entries.

cymbidium orchid pink corsage

# 1

green cymbidium orchid corsage

# 2

blue corsage and rhinestones

# 3

wristlet corsage orchid and peacock

# 4

wristlet corsage with succulents

# 5

wristlet corsage with orange and purple flowers

# 6

orange and green corsage

# 7

wrist corsage with orchids

# 8

pink blue corsage

# 9

wristlet corsage with magenta orchids

# 10

rhinestone wristlet corsage

# 11

orchid and daisy corsage

# 12

phal orchid boutonniere

# 13

wristlet corsage with green and purple

# 14


# 15

# 16

# 16

arm corsage with purple and blue flowers

# 17

vintage wrist corsage

# 18

wrist corsage with feathers

# 19

wrist corsage with green and pink flowers

# 20

wrist corsage with peach hyacinth

# 21

contemporary boutonniere

# 22

pink and green corsage

# 23

pink orchid boutonniere

# 24

pink and teal corsage

# 25

wrist corsage with purple flowers

# 26

# 27

# 27

wristlet corsage with red and black

# 28

red rose corsage

# 29

wristlet corsage with black and pink roses

# 30

white and grey corsage

# 31

white hyacinth corsage

# 32

black and white corsage

# 33

wristlet corsage with green orchid

# 34

purple and green boutonniere

# 35

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  1. I vote for #9- clean design and great color combination and use of the Fitz products. I love the contrast between the tubing and the feathers. All the colors are picked up in the bracelet.

  2. Michelle Elwell says:

    #8 – It is a beautiful example of a modern wrist corsage. The use of classic mini cymbidiums with the oh so current succulents makes this very much a “now piece” that will still be stylish when this girl looks back on her prom memories. Love that it skips the use of ribbons, uses a modern bracelet for foundation, and that it’s size doesn’t overpower a girl. Beautiful job to the designer of this!

    • I agree with Michelle Elwell. #8 is respectful of the girls wrist, it wouldn’t try to out do the girls dress, it’s a nice compliment corsage. Good size, with lovely texture. Modern and classic. Good job!

  3. #1-Young and fresh design. Looks like something a girl would love to wear to prom. Love the dangling crystals and the alternative to the usual ribbon.

  4. Erin DeYoung says:

    #5 hands down (#8 was a good runner up)…it’s a fresh, clean design without too many crazy elements. It let’s the flowers shine…

  5. I love # 23! The combination of textures, choice of things used, make it one of a kind. I love the diversity is displays! Beautiful!

  6. Tara Morose says:


  7. #33- Classy style, great shape, beautiful bracelet choice. The callas going up the wrist with the rhinestones dangling down her hand will be stunning!

  8. #4 – Love the colors and the peacock feathers!

  9. #15

    Sophisticted use of color and materials.

  10. *sophisticated

  11. I love #4 … something about it jumps out at me. #8 & 33 are tied for 2nd in my book.

  12. 10 love the color and just so nice

  13. #33 Classic

  14. Now 8 – Hands Down – Modern, stylish and will last the night. Simple and elegant with out being over powering. The use of natural product without all the bells and whistles. Good luck.

  15. #5 and #8 – if you can pick two.(-:

    #5 – it has a clean modern look while still being fun

    #8 – I love the color and simplicity

  16. #9. Modern, fun and wearable.

  17. 2,4,11, 26, & 33

  18. #8 gets my vote, it is right on trend.

  19. I would like to vote for #15. Its absolutely scrumptious!

  20. #5 gets my vote!

  21. #11 is my favorite for its classic beauty and exquisite use of jewelry but #8 is a close second for the color combination. #8 draws your attention to the flowers alone. The orchid breathes in its natural beauty without a smothering or jewelry, wire or competing flowers.

  22. #2 – The arm band looks stunning. Not your Grandmother’s corsage for sure! Really great work with grasses!

  23. Nancy Graham says:

    I very much like number 35! It’s very unique, looks like a piece of jewelry and doesn’t use size or dramatic flowers to impress. It is a creative little piece of art.

  24. Love #6! The use of hyacinth is great and will smell wonderful! If we can pick two, I also love # 7! So many girls are picking out dresses with prints and want to pull in lots of colors into their corsage to match the dress, #7 would be a perfect fit!

  25. Bobbi Sanchez says:

    My choice is #33 very classy looking and not overpowering. Love the design and the flower choices. Yeah!!!!

  26. #33 is my favorite. I love the black and white as well as the extra bling, with out going over board on size.

  27. 23 its a very creative way of using the rose petals! i would have never thought of that!

  28. I like #4, Its simple and small. I love the colors

  29. Mom vote: 33
    Teen #1: 15
    Teen #2: 19

  30. #8 melds simplicity and current trends into a sleek design beautifully!

  31. #15

  32. #21. Delicate and feminine without being roses.

  33. #4

  34. Michelle Montel says:

    #8 – Love the succulents and how organic it is. Pretty!

  35. #1, Beautiful orchid and just enough sparkle for a teen, making it fun, but not going over the top

  36. #35
    Great Idea for a Boutonniere……Something different and looks like it fits right in the pocket of the tux.

  37. Thank goodness someone thinks different is cool!! LOVE that the focus is not just on wrists for this corsage—-leaves room to wear other jewelry or gloves if desire. The design is very TRE’ CHIC!

    • Hi Pamela, Which design are you referring to? I don’t see a # mentioned in your comment..

  38. Number 5 and 8

  39. Alicia S. says:


  40. Lee Duhl says:

    All very innovative but in my mind the cleanest and most interesting two were #8 and #5, the latter being my favorite. Great idea for a contest!

  41. #4

  42. Clean lines and just the right size. Good choice of flowers. Awesome design

    • Hi Sherry, Which design are you referring to? I don’t see a # mentioned in your comment..

  43. I like # 8 for a Casual Santa Barbara Beach wedding and
    # 15 for an exotic hot tropical affair.

  44. #15–it is the perfect, youthful, fun prom corsage!

  45. #3 Love the colours with the bling

    #11 Classy with the bling