The Dutch Flower Group Show

While in Holland, Joost and I also visited The Dutch Flower Group Show. Aisles and aisles of booths filled with beautiful flower displays. The Dutch Flower Group had a great display with huge ball shape flower arrangements, they were probably 5′ in diameter.

Dutch flower group logo

Dutch Flower Group’s logo created out of fresh flowers.

members of Dutch flower group

The members of Dutch Flower Group

ball made out of orchids and sunflowers

Here’s one of those 5′ round balls made out of flowers, cymbidium orchids and sunflowers – so cool!

green cymbidiums and plumosa

So many green cymbidium orchids and plumosa to create this piece

Ti leaves, hydrangeas and orchid plants

Ti leaves, hydrangeas and orchid plants

Orange chinese lanterns, gerber daisies and birds of paradise

Orange Chinese Lanterns, Gerbera Daisies and Birds of Paradise.

Air plant

My favorite one, filled with air plants.

succulents and cactus
Amaryllis Flowers
Hydrangea display
gerbera daisy display
colorful hydrangea flowers



Eucharis Grandiflora

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