Dior Does It Again!

I’d imagine most of you have seen Dior’s latest floral installation?! I know I was mesmerized by it last week when I saw pictures posted all over Instagram and Facebook.

300,000 stems of Delphinium planted on rolling hills. 300,000 stems! I have a feeling there was a shortage of Delphinium on the market that week in Europe .. lol.
(The more articles I read the more numbers I come across, I’ve seen anywhere from 300-500K Delphiniums were used)
I sure would have loved to have seen this installation in person!

And this is how the inside of the structure looked –

Dior Inside the Mountain

Really cool time lapse video via New York Times

More Articles about the Delphinium Mountain:
New York Times
The Secret Garden
ABC 7 Amarillo

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  1. Amazing!

  2. That time lapse video was insane. I cannot imagine how much time actually went into this design. Just incredible.