Designing with Francoise Weeks at the Woodland Design Workshop

Janet of Floral Verde and I spent three glorious and inspiring days designing with Francoise at her adorable studio. It was a perfect experience in beautiful Oregon.
Francoise shared with us how she creates her designs, the intricate and sturdy mechanics behind the various pieces and the inspiration she finds in her Pacific Northwest surroundings.
You will notice that Janet had a theme with all of her designs, can you tell what it is? Meanwhile, I’m all over the board, each design was different.

Here’s my first design, the long Woodland inspired centerpiece. I used so many little trinkets .. moss, lichens, mushrooms, leaves, twigs:
woodland arrangement

woodland centerpiece

Janet’s first arrangement, she picked out the wood slab and then designed around it – so very intricate & interesting:
wood centerpiece

centerpiece by floral verde

Next we both selected a piece of drift wood and designed around it.
This is the piece of wood I selected and the arrangement that I designed:
drift wood

branch arrangement

The beautiful piece of drift wood that Janet selected, I couldn’t wait to see what she would design with it!:
drift wood

branch flower arrangement

icelandic poppy

Designing in Francoise’s style for bridal bouquets was very interesting. I usually design loose hand-tied bouquets so it was a good learning experience to use a holder and cover the mechanics:
making bridal bouquets

My bouquet:
bridal bouquet

bridal bouquet

Janet’s bouquet, I love the bottom of her bouquet with the eucalyptus leaves:
flower bouquet

woodsy bridal bouquet

janet floral verde

The boutonniere I designed with furry leaves & succulents with a twig:
succulent boutonniere

Janet’s boutonnieres:
succulent and orchid boutonniere

succulent boutonniere

Two more of Janet’s bouquets, be sure to check out the stem wrap, it’s created out of bark pieces – impressive!
woodsy bridal bouquet

succulent bouquet

woodsy bouquet

Love this cute little flower basket that Janet designed:
woodsy flower basket

The wreath that I created, there are so many little and intricate bits in it:
woodsy wreath

woodsy wreat

How gorgeous, simple and elegant is this orchid arrangement that Janet designed?!:
lady slipper orchid arrangement

I felt like designing something big! I was crushing on the maiden hair fern, had to have it in this arrangement:
green flower arrangement

green flower arrangement

I had fun with the colors in this one, combined begonia leaves & fuzzy succulents with maiden hair fern:
woodland flowers

What do you think? It sure was fun and different .. so glad I took Francoise’s Workshop! I’m such a fan of studying with others, learning new techniques and opening my eyes to different thoughts. I do really look at all foliages now!!

Thank you, Francoise, for a lovely time at your studio!

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  1. So beautiful! A whole new world of things to use for designing…now everything is a possible element to use in an arrangement

  2. Andrea Clemens says:

    Wow! I love all of your creations. Such beautiful, intricate details sure to please anyone’s eye! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Sounds like you had a good time creating! I’m so lucky to have Françoise as a close floral friend and i’m so happy that she gets to share her incredible gift with others – her classes are fun and really make you think outside the box of floral.

  4. Beautiful, inspired work. I have also taken classes from Francoise. What a treat!

  5. Such a creative and wonderful work and very beautiful designs.I love all the designs of bouquet.The arrangement is simple but perfectly arrange.I love all your work so much.

  6. The arrangements that you and Janet made were fantastic!

  7. What beautiful arrangements! I’m a huge fan of Francoise! I’m so excited that Janet is about an hour or so away from me now….I want to learn from her too!