Designing with Floral Soil

Have you heard of Floral Soil? It is an Eco-friendly alternative to Floral Foam and this past weekend we had the opportunity to work with it in the Elevated Centerpieces Workshop that I taught in Seattle. (such incredible luck that Floral Soil is also based here in Washington State!). The class participants and myself were all excited to get our hands on the Floral Soil and give it a try; we designed with hydrangeas, roses, tulips, lilacs, viburnum, chamomile, plumosa, pieris japonica, pitt, currant and sarcococca foliage. We really wanted to see how Floral Soil would perform with a few finicky flowers — we all know that hydrangea, lilacs and viburnum can go down in an instant if they choose! The designers and I went to work paying attention to how the insertions felt — super easy; how many stems we can pack into the Floral Soil — quite a bit; which flowers responded the best — tulips!; and which were the most finicky — hydrangeas. We were also curious about the weight and how will it sit on top of a candelabra, yes, it is a bit heavier than traditional floral foam but not excessively so. To make the whole workshop even more fantastic was that the inventor of Floral Soil, Mickey Blake, joined us and discussed how she created it and how to use it. It does hold a lot of water and should continued to be watered (just like floral foam). What’s so fantastic about the product is that it is non-toxic and biodegradable. Heck, Mickey told us that after we make a flower arrangement we can pull out the stems and then plant seeds into the floral soil and those seeds will sprout! I’m going to try this in my greenhouse.. so curious.

Flirty Fleurs Workshop

As you can see – we used the Floral Soil to create elevated designs. That’s Mickey in the center holding a piece of the Floral Soil.

Maria of Niche Styling based in British Columbia came down for the workshop.

Maria of Niche Events based in British Columbia gives Floral Soil a try.

Smashing Petals of Seattle

Keita gives Floral Soil a try, this is also her first time designing a large floral centerpiece!

Bash and Bloom

Eleanor of Bash & Bloom designing with Floral Soil for the first time.

Designing in Floral Soil

Designing in Floral Soil

Debra Prinzing

Debra Prinzing, we were so glad Debra could join us for the workshop. As you know, she is the founder of Slow Flowers and a big believer of Floral Soil.

Working on my elevated design

Working on my elevated design

Debra Prinzing

Debra’s design

Bash and Bloom

Eleanor of Bash and Bloom shares her design.

purple tulips

Bash And Bloom Design

A note from Keita about working with Floral Soil-
Thank you for bringing Mickey to our class! As an aspiring floral designer, I feel so lucky to start at a time when a product like floral soil is a viable alternative to the foam that experienced designers are trying so hard to avoid. It was so easy to use! I couldn’t believe it when she said we could actually put the floral soil in the ground, in the garden when we’re done with it. I loved hearing Mickey’s scientific approach to keeping cut flowers happy (and pretty), as well as her concern for keeping florists healthy!

A note from Eleanor about working with Floral Soil-
Floral Soil will allow me to create certain styles of arrangements and floral installations that I didn’t know how to do without using toxic floral foam. It was easy to work with and I’m so excited to use it to build tall arrangements on pillars for my own wedding this coming May. When I committed to cutting foam out of my business practices last year, I knew there were logistical challenges I’d have to figure out. Floral Soil is a game changer for me and I can’t wait to use it regularly!

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  1. Merry Bearden says:

    I think we are all excited about this new product. When will it be available for widespread use, and what will the cost be? Thanks

  2. Uh oh! I did not know that floral foam is toxic. Do you mean just for the flowers or humans included?
    Either way, this looks like an excellent product.

  3. I am also excited about this, but the cost is a bit high per brick and trying to explain that cost to clients is another hard sell in an already DIY part of the country. I do find myself using less and less foam, just so that I don’t have to use it, but for those clients that are concerned about recycling and evro, this is such a good product to have in our corner. Looking forward to trying it someday soon. Thanks for the post!

  4. Thanks so much for testing out the floral soil and sharing with us, Alicia! Can’t wait to try it!

  5. This is exactly what I’ve been searching for! Do you know when they will ship international? I think this will work perfect in my swedish flower shop since my customers are very interested in environmental friendly products.

    (and looks like one would need multiple blocks to create large elevateds… )
    is there ANY chance it will be available at a wholesale cost?

    I’m so curious- who will deliver the most reasonable, green product… Oasis is sure trying hard… but so is Mickey.

  7. PS Alicia, i LOVE that photo of you! What joy!

  8. You are awesome. I love all of the information you WILLINGLY share with others. Good job at not being biased or selling out to certain brands… and just being an honest reviewer. Keep up the amazing work!

  9. Thankyou for this post! After listening to the slow flowers podcast, a real treat to see a hands-on session.