David Austin Red & Magenta Roses

David Austin Garden Roses: Tess, Darcey and Kate

David Austin Garden Rose - Darcey

Vase life: 7 days. Peak at 4–5.
One of two hot pink David Austin roses, Darcey is smaller than Kate, and a deeper magenta-crimson color. Darcey is a slow opener, but will open wide and show its center at its peak.

David Austin Garden Rose - Kate

Vase life: 7 days
Kate is the other hot pink David Austin. She’s a lush raspberry hot pink into magenta rose blossom that opens nicely, nearly double the size of Darcey.

David Austin Garden Rose - Tess

Vase life: 7days
A rich, dark, velvety red, Tess is the answer to your red garden rose needs. A strong and hearty bloom.

David Austin Garden Roses

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