Cultra at Aalsmeer

Cultra at Aalsmeer.. there are no words to describe it — perhaps a little bit of heaven on earth for floral designers! I felt like a kid in a candy store with so many interesting and cool hard goods and plants to check out. I almost feel bad showing all these items off, because we can’t get them in North America. (well.. perhaps we could if we all go in on ordering a container of goodies?!)

Cultra at Aalsmeer entrance signs

racks of flowers and plants

The customers load up these huge carts and roll them out to their cars.

white flowers on display at Aalsmeer
faux white animals
large white mums

The largest white mums that I have ever seen..

winter inspired hard goods for florists
Winter style hard goods

flower market
wholesale plants
orchid plant display
rows of bulbs for sale
anthurium display
orchids and succulents
cyclamen, ranunculus, hanging amaranthus, mums, anemones, amaryllis
hydrangea flowers Joost and Alicia
rose hips and branches with berries

For more eye-candy check out Cultra Aalsmeer Website

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  1. Simone Sardelli says:

    Hi.I’m Simone a italian florist,i have a shop in Tuscany.I know you because i visit you,in Hollande,five years ago.For first i am sorry for my bad english…so..i would like to know if is possible to have a catalog of your amazing and beautiful objects!

    Thank you very much and have a nice day!