“Courage in the Making” A Susan McLeary Portrait

From John Azoni, Creative Director & Producer at Epic Motion
“When we set out to do a portrait of a new friend of ours, Susan McLeary, we intended on creating an intimate and authentic piece about the fear involved in making work that is remarkable, regardless of the market for the end product. We didn’t really anticipate how intimate it would get though. The surprise we received in the middle of the interview was both shocking and sad. But at the same time it was perfectly fitting for the story we were aiming to tell, and we’re really proud of the honor we were given to roll with this moment and allow the story to speak.”

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  1. Dear Flirty Fleurs,

    You are simply amazing! You speak every word, thought and passion I have in my head. I am brought to tears, laughter and joy every time I read or watch a video on your website. I reread the magazine over and over, finding new inspiration not only in the beautiful images, but in all of the articles and interviews. You so beautifully pinpoint the joys and frustrations that are part of being an independent artist/business owner. You are the breath of fresh air that reminds me to have the courage to know I am right on track. My heart, my soul and my business thank you!!