The Comparison Game

Where ‘o Where do I even start with this post?!
Do you all know what I mean when I say The Comparison Game? It’s when we look at other people’s facebook, instagram, pinterest, twitter, websites, blogs, etc and convince ourselves that someone else is doing it better than we are. Oh, it’s an ugly downward spiral and it can all go out of control very quickly. Deep down we all know it is silly and a waste of time, nevertheless there are times where just about everyone can get sucked in — right?!
So I’m not going to go on about why/how we go down the trap of the comparison game. Instead, let’s talk about ways to get ourselves out of the trap, and quickly! The quicker you can get out of it the better it is for your mental health!

1) Call someone. Pick up the phone and call. Not text, not email. TALK .. outloud.
2) Call someone who is NOT in the event industry. Call someone who will want to talk about something other than flowers and event design; someone who doesn’t give a damn about Instagram.
3) Go for a walk. During this walk do not pick up your phone to look at social media. Instead say hello to other people who are also out walking. Stop to pet a dog. Stop to admire a flower. Stop to feel the sun on your face. Leave your phone in your pocket.
4) Go shopping. Retail therapy does a body good! Don’t pick up your phone and instagram the store you are currently shopping at.
5) Meet up with a friend for lunch, coffee, dinner — something fun and relaxing. Do not talk about the industry!
6) Go get a pedicure and read a magazine (put that phone away!) .. magazines are distracting and can even give you new inspiration.
7) Have a brainstorming session about what you can do with social media to make yourself feel better — work on your business and don’t worry about what others are up to!
8) Write a blog post for your business, you know you need to…
9) Exercise! It’ll help release any pent-up stress!
10) Clean your office, work space, basement, garage, shop, etc — you’ll be productive with work and completely distracted from social media.
11) Write a list of things you like about yourself! Yes, a list of things you like about YOU! List out 5 things right now. Why? Because it is so easy to pick on ourselves when comparing ourselves to others.
12) Write a list of things you are thankful for! List out 5 things that you are thankful for in your life!!

How’s that for a list of suggestions of how to re-focus your attention??
Share your suggestions in the comments section!

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  1. So many creatives need this reminder! We can’t compare…just be true to you!