How to Combat Jealousy by Alison Ellis

Jealous. Ouch. Just the sound of that word is so negative.

“Oh, she’s just jealous…” is a thing we say when someone is being awful, rude or uncaring. Whether it’s a friend, family member, colleague or “competitor” the feeling can eat away at you (and your confidence).

It’s easy to be jealousy of others, but it’s even easier to NOT be jealous. You’re in control of this emotion. (You created it after all.)

Today’s video is about how to combat jealousy and turn it into something good! Click to watch.

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Alison Ellis
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  1. Fantastic video! I’m a huge believer in helping everyone grow and prosper, and I’m a team player all around… I’ll admit I was once upon a time a bit “jealous” of people, and I felt like I was behind, but when I starting jumping in and helping my floral friends move forward, it helped me move forward! Thank you for creating this video! It was a good reminder. 🙂

  2. Well done, Alison! Wonderful words of advice for everyone! Jealousy can be detrimental to yourself and your relationships, both personally and professionally. Everyone has the power to squash it!

  3. Hi Alicia! Thanks for sharing. It’s always great to be a guest on your blog.

  4. Alison….wow! What a great video, you are Rite On! Ditch the jealousy. It’s a waste of time….and it takes your life away! Be present, feel, observe and take in the visuals that surround. We are on this planet for …. Maybe, 80 years. Enjoy what everyone has to bring to the table, we are all trying to do our best. and Alison, your work is SUPERB!!!
    Love the video series, you’re good at it. Keep them coming!!!

  5. Alison, What a great video! spot on and so well stated. Thank you for sharing this. !!