Christmas Greens

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Care & Handling of Fresh Cut
Christmas Greens
Fresh cut Christmas greens are essential and traditional
ingredients in creating the ambience of the holiday season.
Fresh trees, wreaths, swags, and roping accent special places
both indoors and out, as reminders of the great outdoors.
Since greens are presumed to be tough, they are often
neglected. In all the wealth of care and handling
information, Christmas greens seem to be somewhat
overlooked. Actually, their general requirements are nearly
identical to other fresh cut flowers and foliage. When cared
for properly, their beauty can be prolonged.
1. Keep greens away from heat and sun.
2. Add water daily.
3. Increase humidty through misting.
4. Store greens in a cool place at night or when not enjoying them.
5. Replace greens before needle drop becomes too severe.
6. Use an anti-dessicant on the leaf or needle surface. (Prolong, Wilt Pruf)

Christmas Green Guide

Douglas Fir

Noble Fir

Silver Fir

Cone Cedar

Incense Cedar

Port Orford Cedar

Princess Pine


Mountain Hemlock



What is your favorite Christmas Green?

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