Chapel Designers in NYC

In case you haven’t heard, Alicia and I are going to NYC this March to meet up with the rest of the Chapel Designers! This is the 2nd year the designers will be meeting up in the Big Apple. Alicia made the trip last year and this will be my first time going! I am beyond excited. Holly Chapple, who has put the trip together, has an amazing 4 days scheduled for us. You can see the list of events on Holly’s blog or here at our good friend Amy’s Blog. There is still a few spaces left for any designer who would like to join us!

Check out what Alicia had to share with us after her trip with Chapel Designers.

NYC Flowers District

Class with David Beahm

David Beahm- Design Challenge

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  1. How honored I am to be your good friend! Know you guys will have an amazing trip… so excited for you!