Introducing Lobiloo Software for Floral Designers

floral industry software

Have you heard of Lobiloo? I recently learned of this product from its creator, Emily Carter. Emily is a floral designer like the rest of us – she’s been in the floral industry for the past 17 years. Four years ago Emily set out with a programmer friend of hers to create a software program for floral designers with the intention of creating a better way to provide Wedding Estimates for brides. After spending a good amount of time testing out the software product and speaking with Emily I would have to say she has succeeded.

What exactly is Lobiloo? It is a software program that creates beautiful, fast and accurate image-based price estimates for clients. It offers a library of over 2,500 floral images provided by Florabundance with unique finder tools (by season, color, etc.), as well as the capability for florists to upload their own gallery of images of flowers and rental items. The back-end of the software offers a more efficient way to price out each floral design and calculates the final cost. Plus, it calculates the number of stems needed of each flower and creates an order form for your wholesaler. The added option to send the order directly to Florabundance is included with the click of one button!

Also included in the software is the option for your clients to browse the floral images and save their favorites to their Pinterest board which they can share with you during consultations. The clients can only see the floral images in the browse section, your pricing is safely hidden away behind the password protected site.

Lobiloo is hosted online and Emily and her team offer ongoing support for the product should you run into any questions while creating estimates. I would suggest giving the program a try, she is offering a 30 day free trial and after that the price is $29.00 per month.

florist industry software

(this is a product review, it is not a paid advertisement)

Fun Floral Products

I’ve been out visiting supplier websites and came across some fun items you might all like to see!

(PS – I selected these items because I think they are cool. No one paid for advertising or asked to be included in this post)

Cool Floral Products

I’ve been surfing websites, facebook, instagram and visited a few wholesalers in person to see what cool products are available for us floral designers! Here are a few of my favorite things:
(click on the image to go to the supplier’s website)
(PS – You may have to log-in to see prices, etc. on the supplier’s website)

florists supplies

Pixie Pearl Pins are awesome! They measure 3/4″ long, no more triming 1 1/2″-2″ pearl pins to make them fit into embellishing Stephanotis, Boutonnieres or Ribbon Wraps on stems. Available Via Floral Supply Syndicate.


Floral Supply Syndicate has these Burlap Covers available in 5 sizes; 4" & 5" Cubes, 4", 5" & 6.25" Cylinders. Perfect and quick way to give a clear vase a rustic finish, perhaps a touch of ribbon to add color?

Floral Supply Syndicate has these Burlap Covers available in 5 sizes; 4″ & 5″ Cubes, 4″, 5″ & 6.25″ Cylinders. Perfect and quick way to give a clear vase a rustic finish, perhaps a touch of ribbon to add color?


gold containers for decor

I saw these Etched Copper Vases while at Amato’s Wholesale in Denver a few weeks ago – they really are the prettiest vases! They’d be great for any Christmas Parties – an elegant shimmer to set off the flowers?!
Available Via UCI Containers


cement cube vases

How cool and industrial are these Cement Cubes? I love how the bold color of flowers look against its matte, white wash finish.
Available Via Jamali Gardens.


rustic ribbon

Bolt of raw muslin appears to be weather-worn, available in 9 colors. Perfect for Rustic Styled Weddings and Events.
Available Via Pioneer Imports & Wholesale.


How sweet are these Cloches?  Available Via UCI / Unlimited Containers

How sweet are these Cloches?
Available Via UCI / Unlimited Containers


blue ceramic urns

I’m infatuated with these blue ceramic urns. Available Via Accent Decor


Available from Pioneer Imports and Wholesale, a great set of colored glass hanging mason jars - they also have clear hanging mason jars, perfect for aisle decor!

Available from Pioneer Imports and Wholesale, a great set of colored glass hanging mason jars – they also have clear hanging mason jars, perfect for aisle decor!


Perhaps one of Accent Decor's most popular pieces? These Zinc Containers works for both industrial and rustic themed designs.

Perhaps one of Accent Decor’s most popular pieces? These Zinc Containers works for both industrial and rustic themed designs.


japanese flower clippers

My favorite clippers – EVER! I love these babies sooo much!
Available Via Hida Tools.


Have you checked out Save On Crafts lately? They have a huge amount of new items...

Have you checked out Save On Crafts lately? They have a huge amount of new items…


garden urns

Love these pieces, would be quite beautiful for a garden style flower arrangement. Available Via Campo de Fiori.


If you are ever in need of urns, be sure to check out Orlandi Statuary. I haven't ordered directly from them myself just yet, but plan to soon!

If you are ever in need of urns, be sure to check out Orlandi Statuary. I haven’t ordered directly from them myself just yet, but plan to soon!


gold containers for flowers

florist containers

If you are looking for compote style containers take a look at the large selection available from Home Decoration Accessories, Ltd.


Hope you enjoyed today’s post and perhaps found a new supplier!
Please note, none of these suppliers paid to be mentioned. I selected each piece because I like it. 😉

Blumebox Offers A Personalized Touch When It Comes Delivering Bouquets & Boutonnieres

How are you transporting your bridal flowers? Likely in glass vases that are clustered inside used long cardboard flower boxes rigged tight with tissue and newspaper. Am I close?
Well, we here at blumebox offer a pretty slick, personalized and eco-friendly option of transporting bridal bouquets as well as boutonnieres.

bouquet of pink peonies and white anemones

If you are not familiar with blumebox already, we are based in Portland, OR and have been manufacturing cardboard flower vases since 2004. In the early stages of the business we marketed to the everyday floral deliveries. Since that time we have narrowed in on more specific needs and market to the wedding florists and event planners looking for a container that can be customized to suit events of all types. Specifically, the blumebox serves as a rigid container to house bridal bouquets and boutonnieres.

How does a blumebox work?
The 100% recyclable, cardboard flower vase, is just that . . . a vase! It holds water with the help of the plastic liner that comes tri-folded inside of each blumebox.
In just four easy steps a blumebox, can be assembled!
1) Push opposite corners together until bottom locks into place.
2) Expand bag into blumebox & fold over (about 1/2″) outside of box.
3) Fill with water. (Enough to cover base of stems)
4) Add hand tied bouquet.

Need a visual, we don’t blame you! Go to our home page of the blumebox website and click on the “Watch the Vid” button in the lower left hand corner.

What size blumebox works best for transporting bridal bouquets?
The 8″ blumebox is definitely the most popular shape and size. If your bouquets err on the shorter side, the 6″ blumebox will work well.

What size blumebox works best for delivering boutonnieres?
The 5.5″ blumebox cube is the largest opening we sell and can fit up to 3 boutonnieres, depending on their size.
The 4″ blumebox cube fits 1-2 boutonnieres, depending on their size. This is a great option for small weddings, proms and Bar Mitzvahs.

For this shoot, we paired up with the talented Hailey Bernstein of Zest Floral & Event Design to provide the florals. If you are not familiar with Hailey and Zest Floral & Event Design, pop on over to the website to see what these girls can do! I promise you will not be disappointed!

We love the romantic style of this bridal bouquet and felt it paired up nicely with the black and white edged blumebox. Shown here is an 8″ blumebox. Once the box is open, expand the bag into the blumebox, leaving a portion of the bag exposed out the top, fill with water (enough to cover base of stems) and place bouquet into the blumebox.

bouquet of pink peonies and white anemones

bouquet of pink peonies and white anemones

Voila! You can be done, or you can add a personalized touch.

bouquet of peonies and anemones

For the boutonniere, we experimented with a few options. Shown here, we filled the 4″ cube with oasis and cut down small green viburnum that served as a pillow for the anemone and succulent boutonniere.


And for that personalized touch we added our printable scalloped card, to identify whose boutonniere belongs to whom.


Together, they make one classy statement!

For a more masculine look we started with the larger size 5.5″ blumebox cube in black and filled with river rock. Tip: Place a 4-5″ square plastic box upside down so that you only have to fill out 1-2″ of rock. Crumpled newspaper works as nice base filler as well. Once plastic and inside of box is covered with filler, in this case rocks, then place boutonnieres on top. With the larger size cube, you ought to be able to house 2-3 boutonnieres. You can either leave as is or cover with cello wrap. Moss would be another great filler to use under the boutonnieres too.



For information on wholesale cost and ordering details, you can contact us at (888)-582-1094 or by emailing us at In the mean time to see more styles and ways in which blumeboxes can be used, visit us on our website at or our blog Ideas In Blume.

Contact Information:
Whitney Flanagan
p: 888·582·1094
twitter: @blumebox

Thank you, Whitney, for sharing these great packing and delivery ideas with our readers!

Product Review :: AirNovo

Recently while shopping at Stevens and Son Wholesale I was introduced to a new-to-me product called AirNovo. I was sent back to the shop with this product, quite curious to give it a try in my own cooler.

Air cleaner for floral coolers

AirNovo claims to:

  • Increases shelf life of perishables by up to 50%
  • Removes harmful gases that cause spoilage
  • Prevents ripening agents from cross-contaminating other flowers
  • Significantly decreases growth of mold and bacteria
  • Removes all odors
  • Reduces energy costs by 25%
  • All natural . . . USDA compatible

So far I’ve been pleased with the results. I can tell you that it does remove odors! I noticed a difference probably within two days, that “cooler smell” had definitely improved. I do believe my flowers are lasting longer now that AirNovo is in the cooler. When I started the test I had a good amount of greenery in the cooler and I felt the leaves did not go crispy as quickly as they had in the past. Roses and stock both seemed better off. (If you use stock often you know how it can get smelly and grow mold very quickly)
It’s nicely designed and can easily be moved around inside the cooler, which I do depending on what size arrangements I’m packing into my cooler.
Now, I will tell you that I have not had it in my cooler long enough to see if the energy costs have gone down, but I do like the idea and hope I see a difference soon!!

I would recommend trying AirNovo if you have a cooler!
Additional information about AirNovo can be found on their website, the FAQ page is quite helpful.

Thank you to Stevens and Son Wholesale for providing the AirNovo for our product testing.

Stevens and Son Wholesale Florist
14022 W. 54th Avenue – Arvada, Co. 80002-1516
303-279-6254 | 800-826-7798 |

Vendor Profile :: Floral Supply Syndicate

One of my favorite places to shop for floral design products is Floral Supply Syndicate, also known as FSS. I first became acquainted with them back at the San Francisco Flower Mart and when I moved to Denver I was happy to see a familiar face. They recently released their yearly catalogue, be sure to order one if you didn’t receive yours in the mail.
floral supply syndicate catalogue
I’ve been perusing their catalogue and often peruse the aisles at their Denver location, here are some of the great items I have found:

colored beads on wire for florists

How cute are these beads? Add a little bling to your designs.

Hanging Mason Jars for weddings

I use these all the time. Mason jars are very popular in Colorado and hanging mason jars down the ceremony aisle are in demand. I like using these already made hanging mason jars, one less thing to make myself!!

hanging mason jars on the ceremony aisle

Here are the medium sized hanging mason jars in use on the aisle – I tied a piece of ribbon around the metal handle and tie it onto the chair. EasyPeasy.

Hanging Votive cups for candles at wedding

How fun are these hanging votive candle holders? Add a little interest to your next branch centerpiece!

dots chinese take out containers

I used these before for a candy bar that I designed, they are so cute! Affix a cute label to the front and you have an adorable favor box!

brown feathers for arts and crafts projects

FSS has a great selection of feather accents – including Ostrich, Pheasant, Peacock feathers! Lots of different sizes, too.

rhinestone buckle for wedding bouquets

Brides like bling! (well, a lot of them like bling). FSS has a huge selection of rhinestone buckles to choose from, cute little accent to the stem wrap on bouquets!

how to make wristlet corsages

These are the best base for wristlet corsages! I’ll admit I was afraid of them at first, but my flower friends at Stems Flower Shop and Delilah’s of Denver have convinced me these are the way to go. Now I only use these snap-on bracelets. They are priced great which we all know is helpful! Also, they fit just about any size wrist. Get out your glue and go for it!

glass bottles for centerpieces

How cute are these assorted bottles? Bottles along with Mason Jars are still hot in Colorado and now I have an easy source to buy bottles!

Tall glass vases for centerpieces

I use the tallest vase, the 28″ one, for my elevated centerpieces. What I really love about this vase is that I can design my arrangement in a 8″ Lomey Dish and simply place the dish right on top of this vase, that little lip you see holds the dish perfectly in place!

These come in this dark brown color and also in stainless steel. I’ve used these containers for a few weddings this season. I’m quite fond of the 9″ diameter size as it fits nicely on a 5′ round table.

white flower centerpiece for wedding

This is one of the flower arrangements I designed in the brown container shown above.

pin frogs to hold flowers

FSS has a nice size assortment of pin frogs, they work great in the above container!

florist products crowning glory

FSS has the best price on Crowning Glory, and if you’ve been reading Flirty Fleurs for awhile you know I like Crowning Glory.

Floral Design Book

I’m quite honored that FSS sells Bella Bouquets Book! (PS- they sell it for $23 🙂 )

The above products are just the tip of the iceberg of the assortment of products Floral Supply Syndicate offers! If you were to walk into the back of my shop you would think you were visiting a satellite warehouse for FSS, the shelves are filled with nicely labeled boxes of their products! They offer well priced items that are well made.

Floral Supply Syndicate has numerous regional locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington. You can see the full listing of locations here.
If there is not a location near you, you can shop online and they will ship to you. They do ship outside of the USA, check their FAQ page for more details. For my Canadian flower friends, you can call 800 / 347-9994 and they’ll help you set up shipping over the border.

Crowning Glory vs. Finishing Touch vs. Aquafinish

Yesterday we saw the results from using Crowning Glory versus no spray. Today I’m testing Crowning Glory versus two of it’s competitors – FloraLife Finishing Touch and Aquafinish Clear.

Here are the gerbera daisies treated with the sprays on Thursday morning:

I did put the gerber daisies back in the cooler overnight, they sat out on the design table all day Thursday and Friday without any water source. On Saturday morning I finally noticed a difference:

Crowning Glory

Aquafinish Clear

FloraLife Finishing Touch

The Verdict:
Honestly, I’m impressed by all three products. It took 48 hours for me to notice a difference in the Gerber Daisies! Yes, the Finishing Touch showed fatigue first, but that’s a long time out of water! I would say that Crowning Glory held up the best.
A few things to note, I use Crowning Glory here in Denver because we have such low humidity and our flowers dry out quickly. For comparison Denver is currently at 28% humidity, San Francisco is at 70% and Chicago is at 45%.

Flowers and all three hydration spray products for this test were provided by Amato Wholesale Florist
6601 Downing Street
Denver, CO 80229
(303) 287-3329
Thank you Amato’s for your support!

What other products would you like to see us test??

The testing of Crowning Glory..

We have a saying around here – shall we crown the flowers with glory? said in a silly accent, of course!

It does raise a good question though and leads us to another test :: shall we crown the flowers with glory or not?? (wedding season does make us all a little delirious, don’t you agree?? — ha ha!)

Here goes! “100% Crowning Glory” versus “50% Crowning Glory mixed with 50% water” versus “nothing at all” sprayed on the flowers (none of the flowers were in water):

Stargazer Lilies:

The stargazers at the start of the test.

These are the stargazers 7 1/2 hours after the test started, they were not in water.

Stargazer treated with 100% Crowning Glory, 7 1/2 hours after treatment.

Stargazer treated with 50% Crowning Glory and 50% Water, 7 1/2 hours into the test with no water source.

Stargazer Lily not treated with any Crowning Glory, 7 1/2 hours into the test without any water source.

The Larkspur test lasted for 7 hours, all stems were left out of water for the duration of the test.

The Larkspur after 7 hours without a water source. It’s quite easy to spot which stem held up the best!

Gerbera Daisies:

The Gerbera Daisies at the start of the test.

Five hours into the test, the droop is starting to show…

The Gerbera Daisies 7 hours into the test, the winner is quite obvious.


The start of the hydrangea test.

Five hours into the test.

Seven hours into the test. The hydrangea sprayed with 100% Crowning Glory is trying to hang in there.

Does this pink hydrangea look familiar? This is the hydrangea used in the nine day floral foam face-off test! We pulled them out of the floral foam and submerged them into lukewarm water for 30 minutes. Voila – perky hydrangeas!

The start of the test – 100% Crowning Glory Versus no spray at all.

The hydrangea four hours later. This might be the best hydrangea I’ve ever purchased!

The Verdict:
I’ve always been a fan of Crowning Glory and will continue to use it – this test sealed the flowers & the deal for me!
I’ve heard a lot of people who like to dilute the Crowning Glory, I’m not sure why and I would suggest not doing so. The 50/50 solution only prolonged the life of most of the flowers by an hour or two.

Flowers for this test were provided by Amato Wholesale Florist
6601 Downing Street
Denver, CO 80229
(303) 287-3329

What other products would you like to see us test??

Floral Foam Faceoff

I’ve wanted to try this experiment for awhile, so curious to see which floral foam is the best?! Will it be Oasis or Aquafoam?

(The flowers used were hydrangea, nerines, green pitt, spray roses, anemones and lisianthus)
My experiment started at 1pm on Monday. That evening I did place the arrangements in the cooler and left them there overnight. The following morning I placed the arrangements on my front table where they stayed for the remainder of the experiment. I never sprayed Crowning Glory or anything else on the arrangements, I did add water to the trays daily.
About 48 hours into the experiment I did notice one sprig of hydrangea starting to wilt in the Oasis foam. I gave it a fresh cut and inserted it back into the foam. At that point I decided no more fresh cuts – the flowers must do what they will do…

Prepping the floral foam:

Letting the floral foam bricks fill with water – be sure to let this take up water on their own time, do not push under water!

ready for their flowers..

The two floral foams have been filled to the brim with flowers. Again, I added water to the tray daily for a week.

By day two the a piece of hydrangea had wilted in the Oasis.

Here are the arrangements three days later; all spray roses showing signs of fatigue and anemones showing wilt on the edges.

Here are the arrangements the following Wednesday, nine days after the test started (on a side note, can any of you believe how well this hydrangea did for 9 days in floral foam?!):

The Verdict:
When I first set this test up I asked over facebook and twitter which floral foam will do better and everyone replied Oasis. I figured the majority will be correct and expected to see Oasis take the gold. Well, everyone I have news for you… Aquafoam took the gold. Now I will say that I did not see a HUGE difference between the two floral foams. What I noticed is that the anemones and lisianthus lasted a touch longer in the Aquafoam, as did the hydrangea. The spray roses and Nerines did not do well in either floral foam. At my local wholesaler the Oasis floral foam costs $9.00 more per box than the Aquafoam.
Needless to say, I’ll be buying the Aquafoam for when floral foam is needed = $9.00 less per box AND the flowers lasted longer.

What other products would you like to see us test??

Introducing the artist Loreen of Reenie Rose

A few of my Chicago flower friends, Cori, Alex & Trish, have all been telling me about Reenie Rose for awhile now and I think it’s time we all get to know the artist, Loreen, a little bit better!
She offers a very unique product which I think will appeal to many of us. When we think of bouquet preservation after a wedding the first thing that comes to mind is preserved/dried flowers placed in a glass case – often seen placed on a shelf collecting dust in the home, right?
Well, Loreen has a completely different approach – she turns the memories into beautiful art work in an original, custom designed oil painting! Check out this video of her process:

Reenie Rose from Reenie Rose on Vimeo.

What lead you to create paintings of bridal bouquets?

I was managing an art gallery in Chicago when a family friend, who was a fan of my artwork, approached me about painting “something” for her niece as a wedding gift. After brainstorming a bit, we decided that I would paint the bride’s bouquet since I had always gravitated towards painting natural objects. Upon completion of the painting, we both stood back from it and realized that this painting was more than just a painting….it was an “idea”, and not one that was already discovered. This “idea” grew to be Reenie Rose, a company offering couples an alternative to traditional bridal bouquet preservation.

How long have you been offering this service?

The “idea” that started Reenie Rose was conceived in October 2008. Reenie Rose jumped into the wedding industry with both feet in 2009. The need to preserve the bridal bouquet in a way other than drying it to become a dust collector or sending it off to be put under a glass dome was brought to my attention by many florists and planners who were happy to have this modern alternative to suggest to their wedding clients. I have recently seen my client base embrace my paintings as a group gift option as well. I love this idea of bringing more people on board for a Reenie Rose painting….lots of love in one gift!

Do you have a favorite flower to paint?

I tend to refer to my paintings as “a big kid’s coloring book” and paint them in this manner. What I really love to paint….color. An all white bouquet can be quite stunning, but to paint lots of bright color is heaven! The painting I am currently working on is full of bright colored roses…a perfect combination of color and simplicity!

How long does it typically take for the bride to receive her painting?

After the wedding (and probably the honeymoon) the couple (or gift giver) will be sent a variety of compositions from which to choose their painting. Depending on the size and complexity of the composition the painting will take between 35 to 65 hours and about 3 to 8 weeks. There is a lot of time and care that goes in to each masterpiece. To see this fully illustrated, I highly recommend viewing my new video. If this doesn’t make you want your own painting, I don’t know what will!

Can you tell us where the name Reenie Rose came from?

(answered by Loreen’s mom) Loreen’s name is Loreen Rose Hospodar and as a child (and even now) we called her Reenie so it was the natural choice for the name of her company to be Reenie Rose!

To inquire about pricing and event date availability,
please contact:

Loreen Hospodar