LOVE Letters by Paeony Floral Design, England

Lauretta of Paeony Floral Design in England shared a recent photoshoot with us. Lauretta says – The flowers and designs I chose to make was on a theme of literature based in the Library of Cusworth Hall in South Yorkshire.

As a florist who occasionally makes funeral pieces of letters was wondering wouldn’t it be lovely to use this method for weddings. As a lot of what has been featured in various weddings today are the light up letters saying Love or Mr & Mrs etc and I thought how about using letters made from oasis and creating a different style using textures and beautiful unusual choice of flowers.

Paeony Floral Design - Love sign made of flowers

For the LOVE letters the flowers I chose was Miss Piggy Roses, Splash sensation roses, green Cymbidium Orchids, Celosia and Abifloral textured with moss and Galax leaves. Brides and grooms could use this idea as a setting in front of their registrar or venue top table.

Also for the literature theme I came up with the idea of a prayer book spray which was in fashion 20 years ago, brides would hold a bible in their hand and flowers was designed on top of the book. So I came up with a modern up to date version using ribbon to tie on instead of wire the flowers I used was the Spray roses Splash sensation, galax leaves and theslpi bell touched with asparagus fern.

Paeony Floral Design - Pink Corsage for bible

The gorgeous grouped bouquet of Miss Piggy Roses, Celosia and Abifloral was an idea I wanted to show future brides that rather than the pretty country style look which is everywhere at the moment they could go bold and bright which is perfect for those who are choosing bridesmaids in teal coloured dresses.

Paeony Floral Design - Bouquet of Red Coxcomb, Roses and Berzilla

Paeony Floral Design UK

And finally the cascading bouquet, I’ve been dying to make one of these after seeing so many beautiful images recently. So my version was used with Eucharis flowers which is a flower not often used in weddings with Lysmachia and asparagus fern which went perfect with the dresses supplied by KMR Bespoke bridal.
With all the little details from all the suppliers involved with this shoot worked perfectly and the fresh approach of the photography Sarah who has been featured in Vogue Italia really did make this shoot romantic full of love.

Paeony Floral Design - White bridal bouquet

Paeony Floral Design - White Cascading bridal bouquet

Paeony Floral Design UK

The Creative Team:
Flowers – Lauretta Morley, Paeony Floral Design

Photography – Sarah at Folega Photography
Wedding photographer, Sarah Folega at Folega Photography: I used the beautiful dresses, the location and the natural light to create beautiful images that would showcase everyone’s exceptional talents.
Photographers Assistant Misty Rowe

Location Cusworth Hall
The Whiting Collection, a Literature themed bridal shoot based in the Library of Cusworth Hall in South Yorkshire.
A collaborative literature vintage themed shoot at Cusworth Hall, Doncaster brought together a group of suppliers. Cusworth Hall was a fantastic venue to hold the shoot with many of the shots taken in the Library which was in keeping with the theme.

Hair Alison at Jenner Hair
Alison, from Alison Jenner Hair Stylist: Due to the style of the venue and the dresses the hairstyling was kept simply elegant and classic. Sleek updos, with swirl detail complimented with an abundance of shine. Ranging from a very high neat stunning roll to low, clustered back detail, with lots of over movement. But still quirky and on trend.

Make Up Jenni at Make up by Jenni
Award winning professional make-up artist, Jenni Hughes of Make Up By Jenni: I created a modern vintage fusion look for this shoot inspired by the couture dresses of KMR. Focusing on flawless porcelain skin, expressive eyes and bold lips, Jenni used: Smashbox Primer, Crownbrush, HD Brushes, Chanel Blush in Rose Initiale, MAC Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle, Givenchy Lipliner Lip Rouge 5, Chanel Allure Lipcolour in Passion and Coromandel, Eylure Lashes, Drior Blackout Mascara and MAC Gel Liner.

Set And Styling Maria at Simply Something Blue
María, from Simply Something Blue Bespoke Wedding Planning and Event Management: I was in charge of styling the sets and creating a calm and attractive atmosphere. With such magnificent surroundings, colourful flowers and gorgeous gowns not a lot of detail was deemed necessary, and Cusworth Hall’s library, salons and gardens took centre stage in this cold spring day. Vintage details, such as the typewriter, old and upcycled books and library pockets with romantic quotes from some of my favourite books were sourced or handmade for the occasion for a subtle and unobtrusive literary theme.

Dresses Kelly at KMR Bespoke Bridal
Bridal Designer, Kelly from KMR Bespoke Bridal Designer: The Whiting Collection is KMR Bespoke Bridal Designers debut 2015 collection of bridal gowns. The collection is named after my late Grandmother who inspired me from a young age to become a designer. Three of the collections gowns were used in this preview shoot at Cusworth Hall; Grace, Ivy and Annie.
Grace is an elegant floor length bias cut ivory silk crepe and guipure lace gown. A high illusion neckline is finished with bound silk crepe detailing and delicate cap sleeves. A KMR signature of a keyhole back opening paired with a detachable lace train creates a stunning back. The gown is finished with a silver crystal embellished waistband.
Ivy is a stylish ivory embroidered lace and silk crepe backed satin gown. Elegant lace sleeves and a deep V-shaped neckline at the back of the gown are finished with a delicate scallop lace edging. Creating a figure enhancing silhouette the gown has a bias fishtail skirt with a train to add a feminine touch. The gown is finished with delicate covered buttons and rouleau loops down the back.
Annie is a sophisticated strapless gown with a sweetheart neckline. The elegant circle skirt is made up of layers of silk taffeta and silk chiffon with a beautiful train. The bodice is finished with delicate pleated silk taffeta, a plunging back and fastened with rouleau loops and covered buttons. The gown is finished with a stunning silver crystal motif on the waist.
There are three other gowns in KMR’s 2015 bridal collection. As this was a preview shoot of the collection the final three gowns will be revealed soon.

Headpieces Lottie at Lottie Loves Vintage

Cake Emma at Bibbidy Popity

A visit to New Covent Garden, London

New Covent Garden Market, London - Entrance

Entrance to New Covent Garden Market

First thing I do on my visit to London – go to New Covent Garden Market, of course! Paula Pryke had suggested we meet first thing on Thursday morning at the market, check out what flowers are currently available in London and perhaps run into some other floral designers for a quick chat. I sure had fun visiting the market with Paula! We chatted with Stephen Wicks and Mark Welford of Bloomsbury Flowers, oh they are funny! Plus, met Tony from By Appointment Only Design – we’ve featured them previously on Flirty Fleurs, was cool to say hello in person.
Also, got to see some very pretty flowers — lots of hydrangeas, peonies, garden roses, lupines and alliums-

New Covent Garden Market, London - Hydrangeas


New Covent Garden Market, London - Paula Pryke and Lupines

Paula Pryke + Lupines

New Covent Garden Market, London - Blue Bachelor Buttons

Blue Bachelor Buttons

New Covent Garden Market, London - Cucuma Flowers

Cucuma Flowers

New Covent Garden Market, London - Sweet peas

Sweet Peas

New Covent Garden Market, London - Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas

New Covent Garden Market, London - Supplies Department

The supply department is amazing, so many different vessels — and lots, and lots of garden urns! How I’d love to go shopping here and ship home all kinds of goodies!!
Should you like to visit New Covent Garden Market sometime it is very easy to access – just take the underground to Vauxhall, then walk down the street to the market.

Chelsea In Bloom

Just outside of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show gates is Chelsea & Sloane Square shopping area where they happened to be hosting Chelsea In Bloom. “Now in its ninth year, Chelsea in Bloom, produced in association with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), will transform the streets of Chelsea from the 19th to 24th of May with breathtaking floral displays.
The annual competition has grown dramatically each year with Chelsea’s best retailers adorning their shop fronts with creative designs to compete for the coveted awards.” from Chelsea In Bloom.
I enjoyed walking through the neighborhood in search of the various floral displays. Not surprisingly my favorite display was from Wild At Heart & Kate Spade, which took first place in judging.

Chelsea In Bloom -

Chelsea In Bloom - Kate Spade

Chelsea In Bloom - Kate Spade

Chelsea In Bloom - Kate Spade

Chelsea In Bloom - Kate Spade

Chelsea In Bloom - Moyses Stevens Flower Shop, London

Chelsea In Bloom - Moyses Stevens - Flower Dress

Moyses Stevens

Chelsea In Bloom - American Flag

The American Flag – if you look at the bottom you can see me taking a picture with my iPhone and there is some guy looking right over my shoulder! No idea who he is, kinda spooked me when I saw this photo .. 🙂 yes, sir, I’m an American and want a picture of my flower flag!

Chelsea In Bloom - The British Flag made of flowers

The British Flag

Chelsea In Bloom - cute rain boots with flowers

Chelsea In Bloom - fun flower dress

Chelsea In Bloom - flowers outlining a windowsill

Chelsea In Bloom -

Chelsea In Bloom

Chelsea In Bloom - wall of plants

Chelsea In Bloom - wall of plants

Chelsea In Bloom - wall of plants

Chelsea In Bloom - Peony Display

Chelsea In Bloom - tables with flowers

A Passion for Peonies by Neill Strain

While in London I had the pleasure of accompanying Paula Pryke to her visit with Neill Strain. Neill has the most lovely shop in the Belgravia neighborhood of London ~ highly recommend visiting if you are ever in the neighborhood. (It’s just a few blocks away from Harrod’s).

Paula Pryke and Neill Strain in front of his shop in London

Neill Strain & Paula Pryke

Neill was hosting a special flower show at his shop called ‘Passion for Peonies’ as part of Chelsea Fringe. The Peonies he had on display were absolutely breathtaking ~ take a look:

Neill Strain - Passion for Peonies Display

Neill Strain - Passion for Peonies Display

Neill Strain - Passion for Peonies Display

Neill Strain - Passion for Peonies - Bartzella Peonies


Neill Strain - Passion for Peonies - Bowl of Cream Peonies

Bowl of Cream

Neill Strain - Passion for Peonies - Charlie White Peonies

Charlie White

Neill Strain - Passion for Peonies - Commander of Performance Peonies

Commander of Performance

Neill Strain - Passion for Peonies - Cytherea Peonies


Neill Strain - Passion for Peonies - Delaware Chief Peonies

Delaware Chief Peony

Neill Strain - Passion for Peonies - Diana Parks Peony

Diana Parks

Neill Strain - Passion for Peonies - Etched Salmon

Etched Salmon

Neill Strain - Passion for Peonies - Garden Treasure

Garden Treasure

Neill Strain - Passion for Peonies - Lemon Chiffon

Lemon Chiffon

Neill Strain - Passion for Peonies - Mackinac Grand

Mackinac Grand

Neill Strain - Passion for Peonies - Mary Jo Legare

Mary Jo Legare

Neill Strain - Passion for Peonies - Mme. Claude Tain Peonies

Mme. Claude Tain

Neill Strain - Passion for Peonies - Moonrise Peonies


Neill Strain - Passion for Peonies - Moonrise Peonies


Neill Strain - Passion for Peonies - Mother's Dream Peonies

Mother’s Dream

Neill Strain - Passion for Peonies - Pink Dinner Plate Peony

Neill Strain - Passion for Peonies - Red Grace Peonies

Red Grace

Neill Strain - Passion for Peonies - Salmon Dream Peonies

Salmon Dream

Neill Strain - Passion for Peonies - White Cap Peonies

White Cap

You can read more about the inspiration for Passion for Peonies and see more pictures on Neill’s blog.

Another two shots from my visit to Neill’s Shop – the entrance is always changing and the Flower Bar is always full of a lovely selection of flowers:
Entrance to Neill Strain's Flower Shop

Neill Strain's Flower Shop in London

The Flower Bar – a selection of flowers are always on display here

RHS Chelsea Flower Show, London!

Special post this Sunday to announce I will be flying to London, England this week to attend the RHS Chelsea Flower Show!!

I’ve wanted to attend Chelsea for the past 15 years, but never was able to because I always had weddings scheduled at the time. This year I am free, and I’m jumping on a plane and going to London!

That being said – if you are in London, or will be attending Chelsea, and would like to visit let me know. I will be attending Chelsea all day Friday. (all Thursday tickets were already sold out when I tried to get one).

Chelsea Flower Show

PS – Since I’ll be in London this week, all posts on Flirty Fleurs will be focused on England!

Visiting Only Roses, London, England.

logo for OnlyRoses
flower shop delivery car
The first shop I visited in London was OnlyRoses. My curiosity was peaked, a shop that only sells roses? In addition to only selling roses, they specialize in only selling Ecuadorian Roses. To those of us in North America this may not seem very surprising, since most of our roses do come from South America. However, from what I was told and saw in England, it is very unique to specialize in Ecuadorian Roses. Most roses there are grown either in Europe, Kenya or Ethiopia. You may be wondering what the difference is? Ecuadorian Roses are much larger roses, their blooms can be twice the size of the others!

OnlyRoses flower shop London
rose ball arrangements OnlyRoses

I met with Rebecca of OnlyRoses to get the scoop on the shop. She told me how the owners, Sabine and Anian, travelled to Ecuador on their honeymoon and fell in love with the roses while visiting a rose farm. They both had an entrepreneurial spirit and when they returned to England they decided to open OnlyRoses and provide the gorgeous Ecuadorian Roses to Londoners.
In their words, “OnlyRoses specialise in the ‘World’s Finest Roses.’ They are the World’s Finest because they are grown at high altitude up in the mountains in Ecuador, the perfect climate for these roses. OnlyRoses fresh-cut roses come in over 250 beautiful varieties. The roses are sourced from four ethically working farms in Ecuador in accordance to strict social, labour and environmental standards.”
Sabine and Anian are concerned about the environment and to off-set the carbon dioxide emissions produced by flying the roses to the UK they launched a reforestation project in Ecuador. In the past four years they have planted over 800 trees and travel to Ecuador regularly to check in on the program.

OnlyRoses Union Jack Flag made out of roses
In addition to the fresh Ecuadorian Roses, OnlyRoses now offers a unique preserved rose called Infinite Roses. Now I’m one to stay away from anything not-fresh, but will tell you these roses are cool – I loved the variety of colors they come in.
In their words, “What’s more, OnlyRoses have recently created the “InfiniteRose”. InfiniteRoses are real premium Ecuadorian roses that have been preserved in natural oils, and last up to a year. There is no need for water or refrigeration to keep them looking exquisite. They come in all natural, as well as many unusual, vibrant colours, including black, deep purple, royal blue and hunter green. InfiniteRoses can be fashioned into the most stunning exquisite arrangements. ”

OnlyRoses is launching in North American this fall! They will be based in Chicago, Illinois. You can read all about it here.

Pink rose arrangements by OnlyRoses

Contact Information:
0207 373 9595
Facebook: OnlyRosesLondon
Twitter: @OnlyRoses

London stores:
OnlyRoses Earl’s Court:
257 Old Brompton Road
London SW5 9HP

OnlyRoses Knightsbridge:
3 Hans Road
London SW3 1LJ (opposite Harrods)

rose flower arrangements by OnlyRoses

Visiting New Covent Garden Market, London

We visited New Covent Garden Market while in London, such a fun place! The rows and rows of supplies, I was quite enamored with the large props available. Lots of pretty flowers to look at, as usual it was the hydrangeas that were the most eye-catching.

How pretty is this arrangement by Pinstripes & Peonies. They had a display at New Covent Garden Market showing some of their work. I like how the lavender roses add an interest twist. Never would have thought about mixing those with the orange and yellow, but it really works.
orange roses yellow roses purple roses

The supply department was amazing .. we had so much fun perusing the aisles and looking for cool props.
London Florist Props

florist hard goods

florist hard goods

I loved the large urn on the right side, it was huge! Tried to order some to be shipped home, but looks like that isn’t going to happen. Anyone see these available in North America?
London Flower Market Supplies

Need some seashells?
lots of seashells

I haven’t seen this many large props for sale in one location before… want those tall white vases!
florist hard goods

Now the rows and rows of flowers:
New Covent Garden Market

London Flower Market

Dutch purple and antique hydrangea

red and yellow pincushions and ilex berries


cup of flowers filled with bulbs

More of the flower arrangements displayed by Pinstripes & Peonies.
cyclamen skimmia roses

flower arrangements with purple vanda orchids

white flower arrangement anemones paperwhites and skimmia

red flower arrangement anemones red rose illex berries

The hot pink garden roses that went home with Emma and I – had to buy some David Austin English Garden Roses while in England, right??
David Austin hot pink garden roses

Visiting London, England

After the fantastic and flower filled time in the Netherlands, I was off to London to see a friend and do more flower exploring. I love London, love wandering the streets – never know what I’ll come upon.
River Thames London

On Wednesday morning I set off to visit Only Roses, I will be posting an interview with them this coming Monday.

Flower Delivery Car

How adorable is the delivery vehicle for Only Roses.

From Only Roses I wandered on towards Harrods. A trip to London isn’t complete without a visit to Harrods, the food halls are so cool + Nikki Tibbles has a really cute space there. My walk continued on through Belgravia neighborhood, I saw Judith Blacklock’s shop, unfortunately it was closed so I couldn’t go inside.
Judith Blacklock London

My walk continued onto Neill Strain’s shop – wow, is it gorgeous! When I arrived they were working on an installation in front of the shop, preparing for the Christmas holiday. Inside he had a beautiful display of fresh flowers to choose from. I didn’t snap a picture of the inside, I will ask him to do an interview with us and then we can see more of his beautiful work! Neill was about to leave for a meeting and suggested I walk with him, as we walked down the street he pointed me in the direction of more shops to visit.

Heart Arch

This picture shows another installation in front of Neill’s shop. When I was there he was working on the holiday installation.

Neill suggested I walk towards Pulbrook and Gould, so off I went. (good thing I like to walk alot!)
Pulbrook and Gould Flower Shop

From Pulbrook & Gould I continued on, walked through some great shopping neighborhoods and eventually reached Nikki Tibbles shop – it’s so perfect!
Wild At Heart Flower Shop

After the last visit to Nikki’s shop I decided it was time to trek back to Emma’s flat. It was a good day!

The next day Emma joined me, we started our day at New Covent Garden Market – which I’ll post about tomorrow on the blog.
Next we went by this cute little flower shop, Edward Goodyear:
Flower shop in London

We stopped by Peggy Porschen’s pretty pink cake shop–love this place! Peggy is Emma’s sister-in-law (how cool is that?), and I always enjoy visiting her. When I noticed numerous people taking pictures inside her shop, I asked Peggy if this concerned her. She said absolutely not, she encourages visitors to take pictures in her cake shop. She knows they’ll blog, tweet, and Facebook the images, which will increase the exposure of her cake shop. The interesting thing is that when I asked the same question at the flower shops I visited, they all said they had strict policies against photos taken inside their shops. No one wanted people to copy their ideas. I find it interesting that Peggy had such a different take on it–she wasn’t at all concerned about anyone stealing her ideas for their own cake shops.
pink cake shop london

Another day we visited a different part of the city and came across a market setup, nice variety of flowers at this one:
london flower market

Emma and I visited this pretty little shop, La Maison des Roses. The owner was so sweet and she had the prettiest roses on display. Emma picked up a bouquet of garden roses to take home… love that my friend always brings flowers home!
la maison des roses london
The plant I kept seeing being used as a foliage was Skimmia, I absolutely adore the texture and color. Does anyone know if we can get in the States? I can’t think that I’ve ever seen it here…
skimmia plant

While in London I did meet with the flower blogger, Rona of Flowerona. We had a lovely visit and chatted about all things flowers and blogging. I’m so thankful Rona took the time to visit with me! Have you seen her flower filled blog? Flowerona

A fun and relaxing trip to London. Thankful for the opportunity to meet other flower lovers and see some new-to-me flower shops!