Recently I received a note from Andrew at Nashville’s Own as he had filmed a segment at FLWR SHOP and felt we would find the short film inspiring and he is correct, I did find it inspiring. So now we will share it with all of you!

From Andrew-
I have always had a difficult time choosing flowers for the variety of occasions I would need a bouquet or an arrangement. But despite being able to fully articulate my reasons, I have always admired the beauty of flowers. Because of this, I was incredibly excited to create a video on the art of floral design.

Alex and Quinn of FLWR SHOP in east Nashville have an incredible gift for creating unique, exquisite floral arrangements for both the informed and uninformed consumers. My first day in the shop, I was fortunate enough to witness their impressive process of taking a vague sentiment and a couple minor boundaries, and turning that into a fully realized and breathtaking creation. Quinn has a unique gift for understanding what customers are looking for, and Alex has the skill to breathe life and form into those orders in the form of natural, floral beauty.

In addition, these two share an air of joy and excitement for what they are doing, and have an attitude of loving kindness towards anyone who walks in through their door. Each visitor is welcome and treated with familial hospitality.

I wish that I could say that this shoot ended with a final test where I was blind folded, handed the tools to make an arrangement, and I did such a great job that all who looked at my arrangement went blind because it’s perfection was next to Godliness, but unfortunately it did not: I walked away, still unable to fully wrap my head around floral design. However, because of Alex and Quinn’s genuine joy for this art of taking already existing beauty and creating something even more life-giving with it, I walked away with an appreciation for the natural beauty of the world and the importance of reminding people of that beauty.

Make sure to visit their website and follow them on instagram to stay up to date on all their magnificent work.

You can follow more of Andrew’s work at Nashville’s Own on Facebook & Instagram.

Animals + Flowers

What’s cuter than animals wearing flowers?! We have an adorable collection of dogs, cats, horses, and even guinea pigs sporting flower halos and wreaths –

german shepherd wearing flowers

Kitten wearing a flower crown

Collie wearing flowers

Guinea Pig wearing a flower crown

A Roundup of Inspiring Flower Shops

flower shop interier

Sweet Pea’s, Toronto

Instant Tulips!

Play Date in Portland!

In keeping with the theme of yesterday’s blog post about the importance of having friends in the floral design industry, I’d like to share with all of you what happened last week in Portland, Oregon. I asked a few of my fellow Chapel Designers if they’d like to get together and visit, create some designs, eat some yummy food – they all said yes! So that’s just what we did! We met at Francoise Week’s design studio in Portland, all of us bringing a variety of treasures from our yards and the local flower wholesaler. Peggy & Carol brought the delicious lunch, the most yummy chicken & bean chili ever!
Oh, so first I’ll share who was there – me/Alicia, Francoise Weeks, Liz of Liz Rusnac Floral Design, Peggy & Carol of Celebrations Floral Design, Annie of Floral Sunshine and Lora of Sophisticated Floral Designs. Francoise, Liz, Peggy, Carol and I all know each other thru Chapel Designers. We were happy to have Annie & Lora join in on our little flower party.
So here goes … this is what happens when a bunch of ladies get their creative on:

floral designers

Carol, Liz & Peggy

florists at Francoise's workshop

Liz, Peggy, Carol, Annie and Lora watching Francoise make a mask, of course I’m behind the camera!

Annie Chen Florist

Annie demonstrating how she works with wire

floral designers working

Annie, Peggy and Liz getting creative

Francoise Weeks Studio

Francoise and Carol

Peggy of Celebrations Floral

Peggy creating a mask, this is the mask that Liz modeled.

flower designers in Portland

Lora and Carol

Francoise Weeks

Francoise creating one of her masks

Francoise Weeks Floral Designer

Francoise works on one of her masks.

Francoise Weeks floral designer

Looking over Francoise’s shoulder as she designs a mask.

Francoise Weeks Portland Oregon

Francoise could be a spokeswoman for Oasis glue products!

face mask

This is the base of my yellow leaf mask.

Alicia Schwede florist

me modeling the start of my yellow leaf mask

yellow leaf mask

the mask I created, yes it did look like a bird!

florist with mask on

Alicia with the Yellow Leaf Mask

Liz Rusnac

Liz models a mask designed by Peggy

Liz Rusnac

I love how Liz looks like a flower super-hero here!!

Liz Rusnac

Liz’s other flower super-hero look! She created this mask.

Liz Rusnac

The side view, gorgeous fall colors

Liz Rusnac

There were so many textures to this mask.

Francoise Weeks looking like another flower super-hero! Check out that purple bell vine weaved into the mask, I brought that little special vine from my garden just for Francoise.

Francoise Weeks looking like another flower super-hero! Check out that purple bell vine weaved into the mask, I brought that little special vine from my garden just for Francoise.

Lora Losinger

Lora’s flower super hero look! Love Lora’s mask and how the Fuchsias and string of pearls drape down.

Lora Losinger

fall flowers on the hair

Annie Chen Florist

Annie modeling her mask

Annie Chen Portland Florist

Annie modeling her hair piece

Lora Losinger

Lora modeling her beautiful head piece, so many textures & elements

Lora Losinger

Lora with her head wreath

Francoise's and her awesome red & green mask

Francoise’s and her awesome red & green mask

purple and green flower corsage

Peggy’s wristlet corsage

fall colored wristlet corsage

Carol’s gorgeous wristlet corsage

fall flowers upclose

Liz mixing it up and getting creative, she wanted to try a loosely styled centerpiece

magenta fall color palette

Liz’s design, we wanted to work on creating large, urn style arrangements.

fall flowers with gold and peach

Alicia’s design, I needed some fall flowers!

Tanner Weeks the dog

Meanwhile, Tanner supervised the activity in the studio and kept us all in line.

There you have it – this is what happens when seven floral designs get together just for the fun of creating! It was a great day with great friends!

Mosaïcultures internationales®

I have just added this event to my bucket list!!!

Mosaïcultures internationales®


The International Mosaiculture event is back in Montréal after a ten-year absence. Around 50 stunning works created by horticulturist-artists from 25 countries will be displayed at the Botanical Garden from June 22 to September 29, 2013.

These striking plant sculptures will line a spectacular2.2 kmpath through the heart of the Botanical Garden. TheMontréalBotanical Gardenhas been offering its millions of visitors an unforgettable experience for over 80 years. The mosaiculture sculptures will complement its vast collection of 22,000 plant species and cultivars, some thirty thematic outdoor gardens, cultural gardens, Tree House and 10 exhibition greenhouses.

Mosaïcultures Internationales® 2013: the event of summer 2013. Don’t miss it!









For more information on this amazing event and to purchase tickets visit their website here!

Flower Girls and Wedding Bloopers!

Gotta love the flower girls!


Have a wonderful day!

Tales from the Trenches :: Bella Fiori’s top 4 moments..

Andrea & I were brainstorming topics for Flirty Fleurs and both of us started giggling at the idea of “Tales From The Trenches”. We’ve all had those moments, when the most unexpected happens. I think us floral designers are handy people and can think quickly on our feet.

I thought I’d kick off this topic with an excerpt from my own blog for Bella Fiori – it’s title is “Just Another Day at Bella Fiori”:

A few months ago whenever we encountered a strange moment at work Sarah would say – “Just another day at Bella Fiori”.  I think all of us girls say that every week now 🙂
A list of our top moments in the past 5+ years:
1) My friend’s wedding where prior to ceremony her officiant stepped on the train of her dress and caused a 5″ tear in the back. Turns out I can sew! The venue manager handed over a sewing kit and I got to work on sewing the hole closed before ceremony started!
2) Another time at the same venue mentioned above, when a groomsman didn’t try on his pants before the wedding day and on the day of he realized they were 6″ too long. Greg handed me a bunch of safety pins and I went to work on hemming up his pants. (I thought we only did flowers?)
3) A wedding at Donovan’s Pavilion in Vail – the three tiered cake shows up in boxes in the back of a bridesmaid’s car. Luckily, those Wilton cake decorating classes I took while in college came back to me – I remembered how to assemble the pillars and keep the cake from sliding off.  Flower filled in the holes, of course!
4) December 30 at Boettcher Mansion we had a 6pm ceremony with a chuppah setup outside. The winds were blowing 30-50 mph that day and it was freezing cold. Michelle stayed strong with me as we stood outside in our skiing/snow gear and held onto that chuppah til ceremony could get started. (It did manage to blow over once).

Oh, I’m sure we’ve had some other crazy moments, these four are just my most memorable.

Tell us about your memorable moments – tell us your tales from the trenches!!