Care & Handling of Cut Poinsettias

This past week I’ve been experimenting with cut Poinsettias. I’ve had really good luck with them, in fact they are outlasting the roses in the flower arrangements!

Here’s one of the arrangements I designed –
Bella Fiori - Poinsettia and rose flower arrangement

I cut the poinsettias stems from the plant and placed them in a glass vase with fresh water, no flower food or anything else. I let stems drain the milky sap in the vase. Once they were done I placed the stems in the arrangement, I did not re-cut the stems!! The arrangement is on day 6 and the poinsettias are still going strong, it’s the sahara roses that are doing down!

Flirty fleurs poinsettia

I posted the pictures on Instagram and Facebook and a handful of people asked how to keep them alive. It got me to thinking and I talked to my friend Patty, of Brittany Flowers, why do designers struggle with keeping cut poinsettias alive? We came up with a very good question — how many people are making an arrangement with the poinsettias and then sticking the finished piece in the cooler?! Because right there is the problem — the cooler!!
Poinsettias are native to Mexico, they like it hot! It’s easy to forget what they like considering we see them at Christmas time and associate them with winter time. When a poinsettia plant is purchased from a store and carried to a car it should be covered with a bag to protect it from cold temperatures. The same goes for a cut stem, it needs to be protected from the cold — which means no coolers.

So there you have it, our theory on what kills the cut poinsettia.

We’d love to hear anyone else’s advice for designing with cut poinsettias!!

Christmas Greens

Martha Stewart Magazine

Care & Handling of Fresh Cut
Christmas Greens
Fresh cut Christmas greens are essential and traditional
ingredients in creating the ambience of the holiday season.
Fresh trees, wreaths, swags, and roping accent special places
both indoors and out, as reminders of the great outdoors.
Since greens are presumed to be tough, they are often
neglected. In all the wealth of care and handling
information, Christmas greens seem to be somewhat
overlooked. Actually, their general requirements are nearly
identical to other fresh cut flowers and foliage. When cared
for properly, their beauty can be prolonged.
1. Keep greens away from heat and sun.
2. Add water daily.
3. Increase humidty through misting.
4. Store greens in a cool place at night or when not enjoying them.
5. Replace greens before needle drop becomes too severe.
6. Use an anti-dessicant on the leaf or needle surface. (Prolong, Wilt Pruf)

Christmas Green Guide

Douglas Fir

Noble Fir

Silver Fir

Cone Cedar

Incense Cedar

Port Orford Cedar

Princess Pine


Mountain Hemlock



What is your favorite Christmas Green?

ho ho ho .. Holiday Mantles!

christmas garlands on the fireplace mantle

greenery garland decorating the fireplace mantle

christmas mantle decorations

Holiday fireplace mantle decorated with greeneries

paperwhites on the mantle

Fleur Friday

Jay Archer Floristry - all red floral display for the table

Jay Archer Floral Design

A Holiday Wreath Roundup

unknown designer

unknown designer

all red flower wreath

Designer Unknown

Amaryllis Inspirations

White Amaryllis Centerpiece

Southern Living - Amaryllis Setting

Red Amaryllis Table Setting

Red and White Amaryllis

Peach Amaryllis

Ken Marten - Amaryllis

Ken Marten

Amaryllis setting on a mantle

Amaryllis Arrangement

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Dear Friends!!

traditional christmas flowers on mantle

Designed by Jes Gordon

Happy Holidays

Hello Dearest Flower Friends,

Just a note to let you know that we will be taking the next two weeks off from blogging here on Flirty Fleurs! We’ll be back on January 6, 2014 with lots of flowery content!!

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We wish you and your loved ones very Happy Holidays!!


I adore Poinsettias, I really do. I see people cringe and say ick when they see Poinsettias and I just don’t see why. It’s a beautiful plant which now comes in a variety of colors. I’ve been searching high & low to find centerpieces which utilize Poinsettias in the design – no easy task, mind you! I did uncover a few beauties to share with all of you.

white poinsettia centerpiece

Designed by Espe Floral

pink and white centerpiece with poinsettias

Designed by Fox Fodder Farm

Holiday Pool Float with poinsettias Los Angeles

Designed by Hidden Garden

red poinsettia flower arrangement

Designed by Martha Stewart

star made of poinsettias

Design by Neill Strain

pink poinsettia and amaryllis with roses centerpiece

Designed by Tulipina

As for conditioning the stems of the Poinsettias for the arrangements, which is necessary since they do secrete that milky sap..
1) They can be placed in individual water tubes, keeps the sap away from other flowers and provides them a water source (useful if arranging in floral foam)
2) Sear the cut stem, easiest over a pillar candle – quick sear and then place in a vase of water. Let it sit in the water and condition before using in your arrangements.

So now what do you think of Poinsettias? Going to give them a try in future arrangements?

Holiday Wreath Inspiration

I sure have noticed a lot of posts with holiday wreaths this year, have you all noticed them? The variety of designs is just amazing and I’ve seen plenty that I’d be proud to hang on my front door!!

grey christmas wreath with succulents

Designed by WILDHEART

red and green holiday wreath with cinnamon

Designed by Miss Pickering

christmas wreaths by London designer

Designed by Wild at Heart

red and green christmas wreath

Designed by Miss Pickering

red hydrangea flower wreath

Available at Dutch Flower Line

green wreath with fruit wreath

Designed by Miss Pickering

Blue Spruce and pussy willow holiday wreath

Designed by Miss Pickering

magnolia leaf wreath

Available at Dutch Flower Line

banksia protea flower wreath

Available at Torchio Nursery