Q&A :: Which Social Media Platform is your Favorite?

The Question:
Which Social Media Platform is your Favorite?

The Answers:
My favorite social media platform is Facebook, as it allows a conversation about anything posted.  I constantly vow to spend more time posting, but always fall short of my goals.  Time to find an intern for a constant post-a-palooza!
Cynthia Damico
design in bloom

I use facebook the most. It’s just so interactive and I can post links, pictures, and written content. The one thing I do not like about facebook is that it hides my business page posts in an effort to encourage business owners to pay for advertisements. This is very frustrating. I haven’t been using Instagram for very long, but I feel like this social media platform is the general favorite among wedding professionals.
Holly Kerr
Love Letters Floral Design

Although I post pretty regularly on Facebook and Pinterest, I think that my favorite platform is Instagram. Creative use of the hashtags drives potential business to my website and other social media platforms with a bit more regularity than most of the others.
Elizabeth Jackson
Laughing Earth Flowers

I like Instagram the best.  It allows me to post to multiple social media accounts at the same time and makes it easy for me to tag other vendors at the same time.  I also love that you can go back and edit posts if you want to add tags.  I feel like it reaches the most people IF you are making use of the tags.  It puts beautiful images of my work at the client’s fingertips and they can search for key words that are relevant to their wedding.  The trick is to try to anticipate what the client will search for and use those key words/phrases in the tagging of your work.
Blair Roberts
Sweet Blossoms

My favourite social media platform is Pinterest all the way!  There is no better place to gather inspiration, and put your vision together.
Shayla Ambrose Floral Design
Alberta, Canada

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Anna Hoffman of Loop Flowers

Anna Hoffman of Loop Flowers

Morgan Anderson the.flori.culture

Morgan Anderson of the flori.culture

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Corinne ofSebesta Design

Heather Williams of Twig & Twine

Heather Williams of Twig & Twine

Ladybird Poppy - Sarah Tedford

Sarah Tedford of Ladybird Poppy

Sean Cook of Mr Cook Flowers Australia

Sean Cook of Mr Cook Flowers, Australia

Which social media platform is your favorite and why?

I asked floral designers “Which social media platform is your favorite and why?” and here are their answers –

FB and Instagram are my favorites. FB is a good broad reaching platform. Instagram is great for fun pictures but be sure to hashtag and hashtag some more! You’ll reach the younger generation that way and they are the future of our industry surviving and thriving. If you’re not sure what hashtags are mostly used, search them! Checkout what other people/shop are using as hashtags. If you use something that no one else is it won’t do you any good so be sure to search your hashtags before wasting the effort. 
Adrianna Duran-Leon AIFD
The Flower Company
Albuquerque, New Mexico

I say Pinterest!!  It has changed so many things for wedding florists.  We used to look at books in our meetings, now we look at Pinterest.  The brides used to bring in magazine clippings, now they have a Pinterest board to share.  So convenient!
Buffy Haramaki
Pink Posey Design
Denver, Colorado

I love Instagram for the intimate and spontaneous feeling of the posts.
Anne Bradfield
Seattle, Washington

Hands down – Instagram.  We are seeing more and more Brides, who have found us through the app.  Incredible.  More outreach than Facebook, I believe, as the clients are trending more towards IG.  Using the proper hashtags for your market, is super critical.  You have to put some effort into which you use.
Jessica Morris AIFD, CFD
HotHouse Design Studio & PropHouse
Birmingham, Alabama

We absolutely love Instagram! The old say of a picture is worth a thousand words rings true! It’s the perfect platform for behind the scenes peek into our production and setting up the event. 
A client can get a real sense of who you are.  
Gayla Harvey
Tiger Lily Weddings
Charleston, South Carolina

I love Instagram because it’s so visual and that’s what this business is all about.  I have found that taking a good photo of your work can make all the difference in marketing – take a photography course, learn how to use photo editor apps and follow people that inspire you to greatness!  These are things on which I am continually working.
Tara Grand
By the Bloom
Los Angeles, California

Andreia Muller, FSMD
The Flower Studio
Altamonte Springs, Florida

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Identifying Your Ideal Customer by Alison Ellis

I use the term “ideal customer” quite often and in today’s video I’m defining what that means for your business as well as my process for identifying my own ideal customer.
This is such an important aspect to running your small business, especially if you’re a home-based designer like me.
I think the single most important part of the customer relationship is a mutual enthusiasm. You want to be psyched to work with each other.

Click to watch today’s video on how to define your ideal customer.

Ideal Customer video from Alison Ellis on Vimeo.

Check out Floral Artistry Courses at http://freshevents.floralartvt.com/ including my free courses, Flower Boss and 4 Pricing Mistakes Florists Make.

Contact Information:
Alison Ellis
Floral Artistry

How to be the most valuable floral designer at your company by Alison Ellis

Can a single rose really derail your business? When you look at the numbers, the answer is definitely, yes.

In fact, when you hear the case I’m about to present you might want to sit down.

My inspiration when I made today’s video was “How to be the most valuable floral designer at your company”.

This is a lesson I learned many years ago from a shop owner who I always refer to as my best-worst-boss-ever.

Because while he really was the worst boss in some ways, he was the best at teaching me about customer service, running a beautiful flower shop, and the importance of not overfilling orders.

Thanks for watching or planning to watch it later.

I hope you’ll share this video with your employees or at least relay the stats as they relate to your flower business.

Check out my FREE online courses for florists at http://freshevents.floralartvt.com including 4 Pricing Mistakes Florists Make and Flower Boss, as well as Flower Math, The Florist’s Guide To Pricing And Profitability, 12 E-mail Templates for Florists and How To Write Proposals That Sell.

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Alison Ellis
Floral Artistry

Have you ever been asked to give a stem count to a customer? by Alison Ellis

Have you ever been asked to give a stem count to a customer?

From time to time florists encounter potential customers who request a stem count for a bridal bouquet or centerpiece. This is a question that can put you “on the spot” and also leads to florists giving away a recipe (aka your work & expertise!) without a contract or commitment from the customer.
What if you take the time to create recipe and the customer doesn’t book with you? In my experience most of the time when a customer requests a stem count they’re more likely to be price shopping than a serious prospect.
Today’s video is about why you don’t have give a stem count and in fact, why I think all florists should “just say no” to stem counts.
If you’ve ever said “no” to a stem count (or wanted to say no!), then today’s video is for you. Click to watch and leave a comment on this post or on my video on YouTube if you have any experience with requests for stem counts.
How do you handle this request?

If you enjoyed today’s video check out my FREE course, Flower Boss, at freshevents.floralartvt.com

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Alison Ellis
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Where do I find brides? by Alison Ellis

In today’s Q&A video I answer a question from a subscriber: “Where do I find brides?”

The truth is that engaged couples are everywhere, but you need a strategy to find the right customers for your business. Click to watch today’s video! Thanks for tuning in!

Check out Floral Artistry Courses here: http://freshevents.floralartvt.com Read all about Flower Math, 12 E-mail Templates for Florists, How to Write Proposals That Sell, and Flower Boss, a FREE course for florists.

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Alison Ellis
Floral Artistry

Should you charge less if you work from home? by Alison Ellis

Last month I invited my subscribers to a live Q&A on Periscope. I answered about 20 questions, but I did not get to answer every one, so I created 3 quick videos to address more of these burning questions.

I received the question: Should I charge less if I work from home? Here’s my answer! Thanks for watching.

Next week’s video Q&A: How can you be professional without a storefront?

If you have questions on pricing your work check out Floral Artistry Courses here: freshevents.floralartvt.com Including Flower Boss. A free training course to help move your business forward.

Alison Ellis
Floral Artistry