Eddie Zaratsian: Custom Florals and Lifetstyle Book


Eddie Zaratsian: Custom Florals and Lifestyle is a beautiful and inspiring art book capturing the natural and organic essence of Earth’s most beautiful gifts, flowers and plants. The book stretches the boundaries of the usual by showcasing arrangements that are complex, fresh, textural and perfectly edited. Named the “little black book” for flower arrangements by Editor At Large this book will undoubtedly engage the curious – whether client, casual reader or someone in search of innovation. $75 available for purchase here.EddieZaratsianBook EddieZaratsianBookLaunch-MarianneLozano-2 EddieZaratsianBookLaunch-MarianneLozano-4 EddieZaratsianBookLaunch-MarianneLozano-9 EddieZaratsianBookLaunch-MarianneLozano-10 EddieZaratsianBookLaunch-MarianneLozano-18

For more information about Eddie and Tic Tock Couture Florals please visit their website.

Naked: Flowers Exposed


I just came across this awesome coffee table book of beautiful photos from some the best photographers of the 1990’s.

Publisher’s Notes

Naked exposes the secret thoughts — be they passionate, whimsical, erotic, or even disturbing — that flowers can conjure in our deepest psyches. The photographers who contributed to this book include Bruce Weber, Steven Meisel, Kelly Klein, Duane Michals, and Herb Ritts, as well as celebrities such as Sofia Coppola and Joel Grey. Each contributor explores in pictures and words what the blossom means to them, using it as a launching point to express their wildest fantasies. The result is stunning: a visual feast that captures the infinite power of the simple flower.

Designed by Sam Shahid, famous for his numerous fashion campaigns, Naked is a truly unique book that will be a must-have for photography lovers, designers, florists, gardeners, and connoisseurs of beauty.




flowers exposed



Fleur Friday

Bella Bouquets Book is on sale for one week only – $15.00 per copy!

Normally $24.95 per copy. Bella Bouquets makes a great gift for the flower lover!

Floral Design Book



Perfect peonies, gorgeous garden roses and sweetest sweet peas are a few of the flowers shown on these pages, affectionately designed into a variety of bridal & bridesmaids bouquets.

Bella Bouquets showcases vibrant full-color photographs of over 100 stylish bouquets. Offering a wide variety of designs including elegant, modern, rustic, traditional, dramatic & romantic.

Bella Bouquets is a 120 page hardcover book measuring 8.5″ x 8.5″

(Offer good only for brand new orders placed between December 1-7, 2012.)

Who wants a copy of : Wedding Bouquets by Wedding flowers magazine??

I have an extra copy of this book:

Wedding Bouquets in association with Wedding Flowers Magazine “over 300 designs for every bride”

Leave your name/email in the comments section. I will pick a random winner when I return from the East Coast Flower Bonanza Trip on March 19th.

“Inspired Weddings” by Matthew Robbins

Being a fan of The Martha Stewart Show I have been aware of the New York City based designer Matthew Robbins for awhile. I “like” his company on facebook, follow him on twitter and read his blog. I really enjoy his work and as a designer I find inspiration in his segments on Martha. I am also a floral, wedding and event design book junkie! Matthew had announced on all of his social media outlets that he had a book being released January 1st of this year, So naturally, I headed down to the book store and picked up Matthew Robbins’ new book “Inspired Weddings” and it is truly inspiring! Each inspiration (chapter) Matthew takes a simple and pure design approach to the event and all the details! This book is fantastic and I highly suggest it becoming part of your design library! Matthew just wrapped up his book tour promoting “Inspired Weddings”, be sure to check out his blog to see his adventure and guest spots on local television stations around the country!
I was able to catch up with Matthew and ask him a few questions about the book:


What prompted you to write Inspired Weddings?I really wanted to bring something fresh and unfussy to the market. There is so much out there for anyone planning a wedding. After doing all of my research and working in the industry for ten years I soon realized there was a real need for inspiration and ideas that don’t stem from the fluffy, over the top standards. My own inspiration was the desire to bring an artist’s or stylist’s approach to the reader. We all have a sense of our own style, taste level and design preferences but if you aren’t in the design world it can be difficult to articulate that inspiration. My hope is that the book empowers the reader with a general understanding for how to take even the most basic inspiration and use it build an entire vision or design plan for their event. We all need to be reminded to look around our own world for inspiration. What do you collect, where do you travel, what makes you tick? These are the elements necessary for building a unique and truly personal event.

Was being an author something you always wanted to do? Yes, most definitely. I love sharing ideas and inspiring others to create beautiful things. I had the book at the top of my “to do” list for several years and it was finally the right time in my own career to make the leap!

When you put the concept of this book together, who was the reader? I always imagined the reader as a stylish, independent individual overwhelmed by all of the fluff in the wedding world. I wanted to create a book that could speak to the reader who’s looking to host a beautiful, personal and unique event…not just a big, over the top wedding.

Which is your favorite section of the book? My two favorite chapters include the Portuguese Bead and the English Pitcher. I love how lush and abundant both chapters feel and I’m crazy for both color palettes.

How did you start your business, Matthew Robbins Design? I started my company after moving from San Francisco to NYC. It wasn’t easy and I had to slowly build on word of mouth referrals and the generous support of friends and colleagues. Martha Stewart and her wonderful team really put my work on the map. I was in the magazine and on her show within the first six months of being in business so that really helped give my business and my confidence that essential boost in the beginning.

Did you move to NYC with the hope of becoming a celebrity designer? Not at all! I moved to NY with plans to focus on my fine art career with plans to complete the graduate program at Columbia but life is filled with surprises. I believe we are all pushed in the right direction but we have to be open to the guidance the universe offers. I’m so glad I listened!

To date, what has been your career highlight? Completing my first book is number one and probably just finding a solid place in the design world as a voice and inspiration. I’m blessed to have a huge list of amazing highlights including incredible clients, editorial features and media opportunities but the book is certainly my pride and joy!

How would you describe your design style? Eclectic, modern romance is really the focus of most of my work. I love that perfect place where classic meets whimsy and surprise. I believe good design should look and feel effortless. You never want to look like you tried too hard by pushing something too far. Learning how to edit is probably the best tool one can have in their design approach. I always say edit, edit and edit a little more. This will take your work to the core of what makes it special and powerful.

What do you think will be the signature flower of 2012? I’m not really sure as floral preferences seem to be all over the map, which is a good thing. If I had to choose one I would say lush, romantic garden roses.

What are some of your favorite emerging trends? I’m happy to see an overall trend to working with a more effortless, unfussy style. I also see a great trend to getting back to timeless and classic details. Trends can be fun but they can also leave your wedding or event looking dated so choose wisely!

What trends are you dying to see disappear? Over the top, huge “princess” weddings are finally falling out of favor. I’m also happy to see a more balanced approach to the crafty, DIY trend. It felt like that trend was getting out of control and people were sacrificing good design for cutesy ideas that don’t always hold up or feel timeless. Ideas need to mean something personally or they just end up feeling random and not authentic.

What or who inspires you? Travel is probably my number one source of inspiration. I love seeing new places, meeting new people and being forced to live in a different world for a short time. The jolt to my senses is necessary and important for generating new ideas. I also find lots of inspiration in the art world. I was recently in Rome and a masterpiece in a church brought tears to my eyes. The use of light and shadow was truly magical and it filled me with inspiration for days. I also love a great outdoor food market. These are always magical places and you can really get to know a place by spending time in the markets.

Do you have a favorite color? Blue is my absolute favorite color and grey would be my second favorite. I grew up by the ocean and I can never get enough of the sea which is probably why I’m obsessed with blue.

What one piece of advice would you give a new designer? Allow yourself to grow and take in criticism instead of running from it. Resist the temptation to compare your work to everyone out there. Remember you are offering something unique but your personality needs to match the power of your work. If you can’t bring both to the table find a business partner who can handle the personality part of the business. You need good design and good people to make it all work.

Anything else you’d like to share with Flirty Fleurs followers? Remember to search for inspiration and record it. I take so many photos of random details, moments and places just as a record of a color palette, texture or idea. You never know what might inspire your next big design plan!

Thank you Matthew!

You can purchase Matthew’s book “Inspired Weddings” on amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com

For more inspiring work from Matthew check out his website here.

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More book inspirations..

A few more floral designers that have either published or are in the process of publishing a floral design book. All great inspirations!

I’ve been a follower of Ron Morgan for years and own three of his books:

Bouquet Chic by Kimberly Aurora Kapur:

And, of course, my all time favorite – Paula Pryke!
She has released 14 titles! Yes, I own all 14. Two of them are signed by Paula, I got them when taking one of her classes.

The Flower Shop series of books by Sally Page

I found much inspiration for my Bella Bouquets book project from Sally Page, a UK based floral designer, photographer and author.

I knew I had to talk with Sally as soon as I read the first line on her website:
“As an unknown florist, photographer and writer finding a publisher proved to be an impossible task. I was told my book ideas were, ‘Too English’ and that I was, ‘Not famous enough’.” Sally and her husband have published seven titles through their business Fanahan Books.
I own a few of her books and thoroughly enjoy her websites and blogs.
Her blog Flower Shop Stories is my favorite, lots of great photos and you can keep up with her flower adventures – traveling about the UK, photographing flower shops, giving design workshops, etc.
Sally was quite helpful with sending me advice for my book, in fact I did use the printer she suggested.
Actually, as I’m writing this blog entry about Sally I keep finding myself getting lost in her blog posts!!
I tell Chuck that I’d like to follow in her footsteps and spend a year visiting flower shops throughout the USA, wouldn’t that just be splendid?
For more inspiration visit Sally’s website:
(hope you have a lot of free time to peruse her site!)

Sally – Thank you for your advice and support, it was all greatly appreciated! I hope to cross paths with you one day!

The Bride’s Bouquet by Jeanne Graham

When I first started on my Bella Bouquets book project I looked to other florists who already traveled down this road. I reached out to Jeanne Graham of Blue Sage Floral in Phoenix, Maryland & she responded with so much information.
This is Jeanne’s book:

“The Bride’s Bouquet, abound with examples of world class artistry, showcases over 150 bouquets that touch every area of contemporary and traditional bouquet design. Beautifully photographed and reproduced, this book is a must have for the professional designer, wedding consultant and the fashionable bride to be. ”

Thank you, Jeanne, for being so generous and sharing your experiences with me. Also, Thank You for ordering a copy of Bella Bouquets!

Here are a few photos of Jeanne’s work at Blue Sage Floral:

Bella Bouquets has arrived!

Very exciting times at Bella Fiori! My book, Bella Bouquets, has arrived! Bella Fiori has turned into book shipping central!!
I’m signing away and the books are being packed up and shipped out today, I admit – it’s pretty fun.

Packages going out to Oregon, Illinois, California, the UK, Virginia, Texas, New Zealand, Minnesota, Canada – just to name a few!!

We’ve added a few more book signings to the list:
August 24, 4-7pm
Denver book signing party
Chair Covers & Linens
6265 East Evans, Unit 14-15

August 28, 9am-4pm
Amato’s Wholesale Florist Open House
note: open to florists only

September 7, 11:30-1:30
Perfect Wedding Guide Luncheon
Wellshire Inn, 3333 South Colorado Blvd. Denver

October 18, 6:30-9:30
San Francisco book signing party
Blu Bungalow, 2068 Union Street

For more information about the book & book signing dates or to order online please visit our website:

What are people saying about the book??
I had the opportunity to get a sneak peak at the Bella Bouquets book and was blown away by the quality, content and new floral designs showcased in the book. I have worked with Alicia on numerous events and was always impressed by her talent. I knew her book was going to be great but I was truly amazed and inspired by the bouquets she created for the Bella Bouquets book. I plan to use this book for design inspiration and ideas for my future clients. This book is a must-read for every floral designer and event planner.
Debbie Orwat | Owner & Creative Director

Your book is BEAUTIFUL! Nice and clean, great photos and fun design!
Kris, freelance floral designer

“The Judith Blacklock Encyclopedia of Flower Design”

Published in 2006, “The Judith Blacklock Encyclopedia of Floral Design” is a fantastic book. With over 500 color photographs and “how to” instructions on several designs. This book breaks down the elements and principals of design. From color, shape, techniques and season this book covers every base. Judith Blacklock includes a great section on wedding flowers with plenty of advice and inspiration. The is a great section on show work, showcasing works of art from around the world. A valuable resource for both beginner and experienced designers.

Judith Blacklock has authored many books on floral design and has her own school in London.