Pantone Color of the Year – Greenery


Green Bridal bouquet

Designer Unknown

Animals + Flowers

What’s cuter than animals wearing flowers?! We have an adorable collection of dogs, cats, horses, and even guinea pigs sporting flower halos and wreaths –

german shepherd wearing flowers

Kitten wearing a flower crown

Collie wearing flowers

Guinea Pig wearing a flower crown

LOVE & Hearts

Flowers + Fruit

Centerpiece with pomegranates, roses, and viburnum

Designer Unknown

The ever exquisite Clematis

Clematis and Pink garden rose bouquet

designer unknown

Flirty Fleurs’ – Dahlia Tubers for Sale!

Dahlias grown by Alicia Schwede of the Flirty Fleurs Blog. Dahlias include Rebecca Lynn, Alloway Candy, and Bride To Be

If you happen to follow my flower adventures on Instagram and/or Facebook surely this past summer you witnessed quite a few photos taken in my Dahlia Patch, the name I coined my ever growing Dahlia garden.
I started growing dahlias my first summer (2014) at our new house in Washington. They grew nicely and I learned how to divide and store them that winter. 2015 came along and due to the dividing I had MORE dahlias to plant. Well, history repeated itself and I divided and stored dahlias again last winter. What started as 50 tubers in 2014 turned into 400 tubers for 2016. AND then there is this current round, where those 400 tubers have been divided into … thousands. BTW I tell Vivian at Everyday Flowers that she is too good of a teacher as she is the one who taught me how to divide! She gets a big kick out of my ever expanding dahlia tuber collection.
So that brings us to the point of THIS BLOG POST.
I have A LOT of Dahlias for the upcoming season and for the first time ever I am looking to sell off some tubers. (Last year I did pack some up and send off to friends in California, Colorado, and Nebraska so I could share the love).
Sooooo….. I have 4 Varieties up for Sale:

Flirty Fleurs Dahlias - Rebecca Lynn Dahlias - Hot Pink Dahlia TubersRebecca Lynn Dahlia Tubers – For Sale
Flirty Fleurs Dahlias - Bride To Be Dahlias - White Dahlia TubersBride To Be Dahlias – For Sale
Flirty Fleurs Dahlias - Alloway Candy Dahlias - Pink Dahlia TubersAlloway Candy Dahlias – For Sale
Mero Star Dahlia Tubers For Sale, Dinner Plate Burgundy Dahlia Tubers for SaleMero Star Dahlias – For Sale

Get your orders in now to reserve the tubers. I will be shipping them out in the spring once the weather allows for shipping across the country.
Please email me at if you have any questions at all or need help placing an order – I am more than happy to help!!

Floral Design Institute to Award Student Scholarships

Floral Design Institute Portland Oregon - Green bridal bouquet


David and Leanne Kesler, co-owners of Floral Design Institute in Portland, Ore., are pleased to announce that they will be offering student scholarships to state and allied floral organizations throughout the United States in 2017. 

Says David Kesler, “As we approach the 50th anniversary of Floral Design Institute, we wanted to make a significant and lasting contribution to floral design education.” 
“The community of floral organizations and their support of floral design education in America has been critical to the success of the floral industry,” states Leanne Kesler. “Through the creation of this scholarship program, we seek to support floral organizations in their offerings of educational opportunities for their members and their member employees.” 

Floral Design Institute Portland Oregon - bridal bouquet classes

Floral Design Institute was founded in 1969. In 1986, Leanne began teaching at the school, and she purchased the school in 1988. Her husband, David, joined her in the business in 1994, and together they have built Floral Design Institute into one of the most respected floral design schools in the world. Through their classroom and online certification programs plus advanced seminars and workshops, they now train hundreds of students each year. Their online floral design training videos are viewed by over 1.5 million viewers each year.

“It is so wonderful to be able to do this.” says Leanne. “Like so many floral designers, my career path hasn’t always been easy, and I know how hard it is for some students to come up with the tuition for school. When I bought the school, I was training only 45 students a year. I had to supplement my income with freelance design work and odd jobs. I lived in a single-wide trailer, ate a lot of ramen noodles and did all of my shopping at thrift shops. When times were hard, I used to tell myself, ‘At least I’m Doing Something I Love’, a phrase that I still use today.”

Floral Design Institute Portland Oregon - Green bridal bouquet

Education has been a cornerstone in Leanne’s life. Her mother was an elementary school teacher for 53 years. Leanne discovered her love for floral design in a high school horticulture class and was encouraged to excel by an inspirational teacher, Dave Lambert. ”Throughout my career, his example has driven me to be the best teacher possible, to help students set and achieve their highest goals.” 

Each selected state and allied floral organization will be given a $1,000 scholarship to be awarded to a member or member’s employee of the organization’s choosing. The scholarship may be applied to any Floral Design Institute class, seminar or workshop including certification programs and online programs.

Floral Design Institute Portland Oregon - wedding floral design in compote

Leanne Kesler, AIFD PFCI or David Kesler, AIFD PFCI
Floral Design Institute
Portland, Ore.

Floral Design Institute Portland Oregon - floral design classes

Florabundance Design Days 2017 – The Flowers!

Thought I’d share some snapshots that I took of the beautiful flowers we got to design with at Florabundance Design Days this year! The event took place in Santa Barbara January 9-11, 2017 at Lotusland Gardens.

Flirty Fleurs - Florabundance Design Days 2017 - Hellebores


Flirty Fleurs - Florabundance Design Days 2017 - Clematis


Flirty Fleurs - Florabundance Design Days 2017 - Anemones


Flirty Fleurs - Florabundance Design Days 2017 - Ranunculus


Flirty Fleurs - Florabundance Design Days 2017 - Ranunculus


Flirty Fleurs - Florabundance Design Days 2017 - Ranunculus


Flirty Fleurs - Florabundance Design Days 2017 - Green & White Parrot Tulips

Green & White Parrot Tulips

Flirty Fleurs - Florabundance Design Days 2017 - peonies


Flirty Fleurs - Florabundance Design Days 2017

Amazing Selection!

Flirty Fleurs - Florabundance Design Days 2017 - Anemones


Flirty Fleurs Magazine Issue Three!!!

Flirty Fleurs Flower Magazine, Issue ThreePurchase Issue Three

We are thrilled to announce the release of the third annual print issue of Flirty Fleurs!
This issue has a little something for everyone. If it’s travel that inspires you, stroll the streets of New York on a walk through the NY Flower District or tiptoe through the tulips in Holland. If it’s stunning images of gorgeous bridal work you like, cruise the pages of Bridal Beauties and our Real Weddings & Inspirational Shoots to be inspired by our peers. Read up on the incredible Field to Vase Dinner Tour, which pairs flower farmers, florists and local chefs to brings guests an unforgettable al fresco dining experience rooted in American grown flowers in an article brought to us by our dear friend Debra Prinzing. Sit down for a chat about flowers and design with acclaimed New York designer Lewis Miller and learn what it takes to be the nation’s “first florist” at The White House with Laura Dowling. Treat yourself to some great tips from cake designer Rachael Teufel of Intricate Icings about working with fresh flowers on cakes. Get down to business with the Alisons—Alison Ellis of Floral Artistry chats with us about branding and Alison Dahlson of Mayesh reviews the estimate-creating software programs currently on the market. Be ready to have your heart strings tugged by the incredibly inspiring women and stories told in “A Full Heart” with Shawn Chamberlain, “Plan B” with Nancy Liu Chin, and “The Long Road Home” with Ashley Woodson Bailey. And we think you all know by now that we love roses, so it brings us immense pleasure to fill more of these pages with gorgeous garden roses from Alexandra Farms. As always, we finish off the issue with a good dose of the giggles in Just For Laughs – stories brought to your by our fellow floral designers.

We thoroughly hope you all enjoy our latest issue of Flirty Fleurs Magazine; this year the magazine grew to 106 pages! It could be called a labor of love, but a project that is so worth the work in our eyes – we are constantly impressed by the beautiful work submitted by our peers as the features for Real Weddings, Inspirational Shoots, and Bridal Beauties comes together. As we pour through these pages and see work from designers throughout the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and United Kingdom it is a reminder of how our love of flowers connects us around the world!

All of this comes to you from a team of three (who never even breathe the same air!); the founder of Flirty Fleurs, Alicia Schwede, Robyn Rissman of Bare Root Flora, and Kim of Kimberly Schwede Graphic Design & Illustration. In addition to writing numerous articles in this issue Robyn also designed the floral arrangement gracing our front cover, photographed by Laura Murray. Kim once again brings together all our articles and imagery in such a beautiful way, you’ll want to treat yourself and sit for a spell while feasting your eyes on all this beauty.

**Order your copy HERE**


Vanda Orchids at SF Brannan Street Wholesale Florist

Such beautiful colors of Vanda Orchids by SF Brannan Street Wholesale Florist: