Let’s Talk Bold Colors!

For this arrangement I went BOLD! Just two varieties of tulips – Bright Parrot Tulips and Monsella Double Tulips. Yes, its name is “Bright Parrot Tulips”. Super simple design, just the tulips and no foliages or other textures added, set in one of my Campo de Fiori baskets which was lined with moss –

Bright Parrot Tulips and Monsella Double Tulip from Longfield Gardens, Arrangement designed by Bella Fiori/Flirty Fleurs

Bright Parrot Tulips and Monsella Double Tulip

Here’s an upclose on the two tulips I used –

Monsella and Bright Parrot Tulips

Yes, I’m throughly enjoying tulip season here in my garden. I thought I might feel lost as the hellebores started to wane, but the tulips are adding so much color to the flower bed I feel satisfied!

As for the tulips – you can find the bulbs at Longfield Gardens.

Tulips with Longfield Gardens

Can we just talk about these tulips today?!

Bella Fiori - Flirty Fleurs - Longfield Gardens - Arrangement of red and white parrot and double tulips

Another view — parrot tulips!!!
Red and White Parrot Tulips from Longfield Gardens - Designed by Bella Fiori

Here are the tulips I used in this design –

Longfield Gardens Red and White Tulips

It’s truly the Estella Rijnveld that I’m absolutely enamored with — seriously thinking I want a full flower bed of these next year. Not only are they jaw-dropping gorgeous they bloom for a good amount of time.

Estella Rijnveld Red and White Parrot Tulips from Longfield Gardens

Estella Rijnveld

For more information on these tulips please visit Longfield Gardens.

Oh, and the other stuff in the arrangement is all from my garden – bleeding hearts, hops, honeysuckle.

Flower Shop Dogs

White Maltese Macie, Posh Flower shop

Macie, POSH’s doggie mascot

Darling Flower Shops

Interior Flower Shop

Shop Name Unknown

Flowers in Buckets

Flowers in waiting…

La Belle Epoque Tulips

La Belle Epoque Tulips seem to be popping up all over social media this spring season. A very fascinating color, moody and rich.
La Belle Epoque Tulips

I decided to peek around and see how designers are working with them in arrangements.
Here’s one of my arrangements, I mixed the tulips with jasmine, fritillaries, ranunculus-

Via The Telegraph clockwise from left, ‘Françoise’, ‘La Belle Epoque’, ‘Greenstar’ and ‘Purple Tower’ make a beautiful bunch  Photo: Jonathan Buckley

Via The Telegraph
clockwise from left, ‘Françoise’, ‘La Belle Epoque’, ‘Greenstar’ and ‘Purple Tower’ make a beautiful bunch
Photo: Jonathan Buckley

In The Garden with Fleurie – Roses

Hello Flower Friends, I’m excited to launch a new column here on Flirty Fleurs – In The Garden with Fleurie. Fleurie is owned by Laurie Garza and located in Central California. Laurie has shared much gardening knowledge with me over the years and I feel she’ll offer Flirty Fleurs readers great information about cutting gardens.

Hello Flirty Fleurs readers! I’d like to introduce myself, I am Laurie Garza, chief flower slinger and flower grower at Fleurie | Flower Studio in Reedley, California, right near the hot center of the state. I am not only a floral designer, but have taught floral design and propagation at the junior college level, and a California Certified Nurserywoman. I have always loved gardening and the natural world, it just came naturally at a very young age.
One of my favorite type of flowers to enjoy, grow and design with is the rose.
Last year I added some David Austin roses and a few commercial cut flower type roses to my already overflowing collection of 70 + various cultivars of roses in the garden. This year, those new roses are really producing a lot of flowers! I like all sizes and shapes of flowers, from miniatures to antique to hybrid teas and floribundas.
I’d like to share a few of my current personal favorites. My favorites change all the time! How can a flower lover choose? These are not necessarily the perfect cut flower, but their beauty is worth it, even if fleeting.

A creamy white David Austin rose with the prettiest medium size very symmetrically shaped flower-

Tranquility - David Austin Garden Rose

Tranquility – David Austin Garden Rose

Tranquility - David Austin Garden Rose

Tranquility – David Austin Garden Rose

Port Sunlight
This was an elusive one for me to figure out! I first saw it at the Morcom Rose Garden in Oakland, and was in love! The color was perfect and the scent was divine. But thanks to a couple of helpful flower people, after nearly a year had passed, and a second visit, it was determined that this mystery rose was indeed Port Sunlight.

Port Sunlight Peach Garden Rose

Port Sunlight

Koko Loko
This is one gorgeous, unusually colored roses. Taupey, lavender, beige, mauve are all descriptions I’d use for the color of this rose. It’s second year in my garden and it has tripled in size!

Koko Loko Rose by Weeks Roses

Koko Loko Rose by Weeks Roses

Koko Loko Rose by Weeks Roses

Koko Loko Rose by Weeks Roses

Sally Holmes
A pillar rose, starting out as a buff colored bud, opening to a beautiful ivory with pretty yellow stamens.

Sally Holmes Roses

Sally Holmes

Princess Alexandra of Kent
A big blousy rose of a rich pink tone. It has a little dustiness to it similar to a Romantic Antike rose, but more pink toned.

Princess Alexandra of Kent - pink garden roses

Princess Alexandra of Kent

St. Swithun – David Austin Roses
It’s a gorgeous clear pale pink and has a nice strong myrrh- rose scent, seems to be a vigorous grower so far.

St. Swithun - David Austin Roses - Pink Garden Roses Grown by Fleurie

St. Swithun – David Austin Roses

Charlotte, a David Austin Rose
I love the soft buttery color of this one, the color is a good blender for a lot of different shades of flowers. It seems to bloom well even in the heat of summer.

Charlotte - David Austin Rose

Charlotte – David Austin Rose

Charlotte David Austin Garden Rose

Charlotte David Austin Garden Rose

Falstaff and Koko Loko
Falstaff is a huge, heavy, many petaled rose, which has a blue cast to it, lending it toward the burgundy tones.

Falstaff - David Austin Roses Koko Loko - Weeks Roses

Falstaff – David Austin Roses
Koko Loko – Weeks Roses

All of the white roses I cut from 3 David Austin Tranquility rose bushes that I planted in May 2015. So far it has outlasted all the other roses in an arrangement I made recently.

Tranquility - David Austin Roses

Tranquility – David Austin Roses

Laurie Garza
All photos are by Laurie Garza


For many florists like myself, everyday computer work can bog us down and take away important creative time. Tasks such as creating/revising estimates, wholesale order forms, design recipes, and tracking client payment can be very time consuming and prevents us from being able to do what we want to do – design, be creative and ensure our clients happiness!

But, this problem has now been solved with Lobiloo – the first image-based estimate management solution made for florists, by a florist!


At a price you can afford, Lobiloo allows you to easily create visually inspired estimates for your clients. It has a drag-and-drop interface where you can easily include beautiful images of flowers and hard goods (you can either upload your own or use from the existing database), along with pricing (that can be saved for future estimates), providing your clients with a visually appealing estimate that took you only a fraction of the time to create.

Below are just some of the features of Lobiloo:

-Only $19/month (no contract)
-Saves price per stem as well as prices for hardgoods and rental items
-Compiles wholesale order forms and streamlines cost-outs that ensure profit margins
-Compiles design recipes for you
-Tracks client payments within the estimate
-Creates image-based beautiful estimates

With all of these features, plus great customer service, Lobiloo can save you time and improve your business. Start your free one month trial today!

Watch our introduction video for more details about the platform, how it works and how it can help transform your business:

Intro to Lobiloo from Freeport Metrics on Vimeo.


The Designers behind the Flowers

Amanda of Alluring Blooms, Wisconsin Floral Designer

Amanda of Alluring Blooms

Blooming Brides Australia - designer working on a floral chandelier

Blooming Brides

Leslie of Rebelle Fleurs

Leslie of Rebelle Fleurs

Show me the Flowers!

How about these big beauties?! Designed so beautifully in footed vessels!

Robyn Rissman of Bare Root Flora

Robyn Rissman of Bare Root Flora
Five years ago this month, Valentine’s Week to be exact, I met Robyn Rissman of Bare Root Flora. At the time Robyn worked for a flower shop in Denver with Chuck Graham and Chuck had asked if I could freelance for Valentine’s Week. The week was insanely busy, but we all had lots of fun and Robyn and I have been friends ever since! Over the years we’ve freelanced for each other on weddings in Colorado and Washington, I couldn’t even begin to guess how many weddings we’ve helped each other with!
Of course, the other huge project we work together on IS – The Flirty Fleurs Magazine. We have such a blast with this project, brainstorming stories and bouncing ideas off each other. Robyn is a truly gifted writer, she amazes me how she can whip interviews we conduct over the phone and email into these engaging articles featured in the magazine.
I do hope you all enjoy the print magazine and all the work and writing we pour into it! Today I thought I’d share some of Robyn’s floral design work with all of you. I told myself that I could pick out 20 images to share in this post, oh was it hard to limit myself to just 20!
Hope you enjoy having a look –

Bare Root Flora - Ashley Sawtelle - Magenta Pink Bridal Bouquet - Colorado

Ashley Sawtelle Photography

Bare Root Flora - Blue Texture Boutonniere - Colorado Weddings

Shannon Von Eschen Photography

Bare Root Flora - Brian Leahy Photography - Bridal Bouquet Colorado Wedding

Brian Leahy Photography

Bare Root Flora - buttercream and white bridal bouquet - Colorado weddings

Bare Root Flora - Connie Dai Photography - textured pink and green bridal bouquet

Connie Whitlock Photography

Bare Root Flora - flower centerpiece of peonies, garden roses, lilacs, and clematis

Laura Murray Photography

Bare Root Flora - Julie Cate Photography

Julie Cate Photography

Bare Root Flora - Julie Cate Photography - Flower Centerpiece with peach and burgundy palette - Colorado Weddings

Julie Cate Photography

Bare Root Flora - Kerinsa Photographers - Colorado Weddings

Kerinsa Photographers

Bare Root Flora - Lane Dittoe - latte and white floral centerpiece

Bare Root Flora - Laura Murray Photography - Arch with Florals for wedding ceremony - Colorado

Laura Murray Photography

Bare Root Flora - Laura Murray Photography - blush and peach bridal bouquet - Colorado Wedding

Laura Murray Photography

Bare Root Flora - Pink floral arrangement with sweetpeas, garden roses, and ranunculus - Colorado Flowers

Bare Root Flora - Sara Hasstedt - Fall Floral Bouquet - Colorado Weddings

Sara Hasstedt Photography

Bare Root Flora - Shannon - Compote floral design with peach and green flowers

Shannon Von Eschen Photography

Bare Root Flora - Shannon Von Eschen - Green foliage arrangement - Colorado

Shannon Von Eschen Photography

Bare Root Flora - Tamara Gruner Photography - Flowers Colorado Weddings

Tamara Gruner Photography

Bare Root Flora - Orange and Coral Bridal Party Bouquets

Bare Root Flora - white bridal bouquet with peonies, clematis and roses

Bare Root Flora - Chowen Photography - Burgundy Floral Arrangement - Colorado

PS – Robyn was featured on Calluna Events blog yesterday as a featured vendor, check it out here.

Contact Information:
Bare Root Flora
Website – http://barerootflora.com
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/barerootflora/
Facebook – www.facebook.com/barerootflora