Camellias .. my newest obession

I have a new obsession *this week* – Camellias!
I was walking around Santa Rosa, California on Saturday where I came across quite a few Camellia Bushes in full bloom. Later that day I attended The Lab Event in Sonoma and noticed Polly of Valley Flora had a sweet little arrangement of pink camellias in a turquoise glass vase. I have become completely enamored with Camellias and realized I have really missed them while living in Colorado.
Now if only I could get my hands on a bouquet of pure white camellias – oh how fabulous that would be!?

light pink camellia

The blush pink camellia I saw..

red camellia flower

The red Camellia I saw, it was more red than this photo appears..

pink camellia blooms

The display by Valley Flora of Sonoma. Sweet Camellias from Polly’s yard mixed with turquoise glass and brass candle sticks.

camellia flower arrangement

Bouquet found on Mississippi Gardener.

pink camellia flowers

Found these lovelies on Southern Living.

I’ve surfed the net for quite awhile trying to find arrangements with Camellias and found very few examples. I have the feeling that designers only use them when they can fresh pick the Camellias out of their yards.

Botanical Name: Camellia japonica
ka-MEE-lee-ah jah-PON-ih-kah
Season: Winter in warmer climates
Colors: Pink, Red and White + Bi-colors

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  1. I see the obsession grows…I have found that I love the look of Cameliia leaves in arrangements. They last forever and look so pretty with their shiny, smooth testure.

  2. I love Camelias! Unfortunatley it’s a bit too cold to grow them here in Sweden (unless you have a green house). But when I lived in London I saw people growing them in big pots in almost any kind of out door space.

  3. I’ll have to see if my neighbor’s bush is blooming!!

  4. Camelias are an awful lot like gardenias in that the petals are fragile and the stems aren’t often strong enough to support the weight of the flowers in a bouquet. I have three different types of camelia bushes in my yard (white, pink, ruffled red) and they tend to work best as floating flowers rather than worked into a complicated arrangement or bouquet.

    • That’s how I’ve always used them when my neighbor has been so kind to bring some over. I think some of the camelias she gives me are ones that have fallen on the ground, but are still in great shape.

      And I checked – her bush is just starting to bloom 🙂