The Blush Pink Rose Study

Flirty Fleurs Pink Rose Study

Here it is!! The much anticipated Blush Pink Rose Study!
A special thank you to Florabundance Wholesale for providing these lovely roses for the Blush Study!

Flirty Fleurs Blush Rose Study

Flirty Fleurs Blush Pink Roses

Flirty Fleurs Blush Pink Roses

Let’s take a closer look at these roses~

Florabundance, Bridal Akito Blush pink rose
Bridal Akito Rose
Bridal Akito
Vase Life: 8 Days
Width when open: 2″
Bunch Size: 25 Stems
Origin: South America
Details: A small sized bloom that maintains its closed, rose bud shape. Bridal Akito is perfect for Boutonnieres and Corsages with its petite size. The rose is sturdy and long lasting, nice vase life at 9 days. The blooms are a lovely blend of white that turns to blush pink in the center of the bloom.
A great rose for both event work and everyday shop orders.

Florabundance - Bridal Piano Pink Garden Rose.
Bridal Piano Rose
Bridal Piano Rose
Bridal Piano
Vase Life: 6 Days – good for Event Work. Leaves dry out after a few days, but flowers remain in bloom. The small side buds do not open.
Width when open: 3″
Bunch Size: 12 Stems
Origin: South America, Colombia
Details: Beautiful garden rose bloom, with a consistent rounded bloom. Each stem has the main large bloom with 2-3 additional small buds. This rose is grown by Alexandra Farms, one of my personal favorite farms in Colombia as they are known for their great quality. As you can slightly see in the photo, the outer petal is a very pale pink, but the open blooms on the inside are a brighter pink – they play perfectly with the lighter, blusher pink roses! The one slight drawback to this rose is that the petals do tend to tear, perhaps because there are so many petals?

Florabundance - David Austin Charity Garden Rose, a lovely pink garden rose, formally known as Auswasher
David Austin Charity Rose
Vase Life: 5 Days, and by day 5 the petals are starting to drop. This beauty is truly a rose for Event Work! The perfect stage appears to be days 2-3
Width when open: 4″
Bunch Size: 10 Stems
Origin: South America
Details: Ahhh… the David Austin “Charity” Garden Rose, previously known as “Auswasher”. I’ve wanted to get my hands on this rose for quite some time, she is such a beauty and there is no other rose quite like her! Beautiful, round bloom full of petals with an interesting center. How gorgeous is this rose when ever included in a bouquet or centerpiece?! I would definitely use Charity in Event Work. However, be warned, she is a finicky thing and not a very long vase life! I’d highly recommend keeping this one in the cooler when not in the process of designing.. and perhaps add this rose in last to the design, the less handling the better.

Florabundance - David Austin Keira Garden Rose, a lovely pale pink garden rose
David Austin Garden Rose
David Austin Keira Rose
Vase Life: 6 Days
Width when open: 3″
Bunch Size: 12 Stems
Origin: North America, California
Details: Keira is a David Austin Garden Rose! Like many designers, I feel happy when I hear the words “David Austin Garden Rose”! I’ve heard about Keira (Ausboxer) and have wanted to see this rose in person, sure enough she is quite the little beauty. What is interesting is how each blossom in the bunch can vary a bit in coloring and size. Some blooms stay petite at 2″ or so and others blow open to 3″+. I like how some have touches or brighter pink in the center of the blooms. All the blooms keep a sweet, rounded shape. The stems are delicate and may need some extra soft hands when designing with this rose.

Florabundance - Garden Spirit, blush peach garden rose
Garden Spirit Rose
Garden Spirit, also known as Wedding Spirit
Vase Life: 8 Days
Width when open: 3 to 3 1/2″ when open
Bunch Size: 12 Stems
Origin: South America
Details: This is my first experience with Garden Spirit and I have to say that I’m quite impressed. I think this may just be my new favorite rose. (isn’t that the point of these studies? to find something new & interesting? 😉 ) Garden Spirit has solid blush coloring on all petals. As you’ve seen in this study a lot of the blush comes in hints across the petals, whereas this rose doesn’t vary much from petal to petal. The color is a blush-peach-pink hue. I like the shape of the blooms, somewhat reminiscent of Finesse roses with its packed petals, the blooms don’t open super wide, but the packed petals give it a very lush look.

Florabundance - La Perla, petite blush pink rose
La Perla Rose
La Perla
Vase Life: 10+ Days, long vase life
Width when open: 2″
Bunch Size: 25 Stems
Origin: South America
Details: Easy rose to clean as there are practically no thorns! The bloom itself doesn’t open wide, it stays in a tighter rose bud shape. Perfect for boutonnieres and when a smaller bud is needed in a design. Very similar in size and shape to Bridal Akito, the main difference is that La Perla has a more cream coloring in the petals with hints of pink in the center. (Bridal Akito has the brighter white outer petals.) By far the longest living rose in this study, still going strong at day 10!
A great rose for both event work and everyday shop orders.

Florabundance - Martine Guillot, a blush cream garden rose grown in Santa Barbara California
Martine Guillot Rose
Martine Guillot with Buds
Martine Guillot
Vase Life: 6 Days
Width when open: 3″ Wide, this is a very shallow rose. Most of the roses in the study are 2-3″ deep, this one is 1″ deep.
Bunch Size: 10 Stems
Origin: North America, California
Details: Martine Guillot is a true garden rose, grown in the outdoor gardens of Rose Story Farm which is located just outside Santa Barbara, California. This rose is for the designer that likes the unexpected and likes some whimsy in their designs as there is a range in the bloom size and each petal can have a different tone of blush. Each stem has the main blossom and is surrounded by 2-4 rose buds. These side buds do tend to open which is quite nice. A great rose for a Garden Style arrangement.

Florabundance - Pashmina, California grown blush pink and green garden rose
Pashmina Rose
Pashmina Rose
Vase Life: 7 Days, on day 5 the blooms & buds are still quite tight. By day 7 the center rose is bloomed out and the side buds did not open.
Width when open: 2″
Bunch Size: 7 Stems
Origin: North America, California
Details: Pashminas are grown by Green Valley and they are considered a garden rose. With garden roses come a lot of thorns, so be ready to clean the stems! Each stem has the main blossom which is white with tones of blush pink in the centers. Each blossom is surrounded by 5-8 rose buds, which have green outer petals. The stems are strong and long. Would be a great rose to pair with other larger and full bloomed roses as the buds on these stems would add a nice “garden style” element to the designs. There are a lot of guard petals on this rose that should probably be removed as most were bruised, keep that in mind when calculating time for processing.

Florabundance - Prince Jardinier, large pale blush pink garden rose
Prince Jardinier Rose
Prince Jardinier
Vase Life: 5 Days, Best for Event Work
Width when open: 5 1/2 – 6″
Bunch Size: 12 Stems
Origin: North America, California
Details: The scent from this rose is intoxicating, it is the perfect scent of a rose. Highly recommend adding it if your client would like an arrangement with a garden feel, including a true rose scent! This rose is also grown by Green Valley (they grow the Pashminas) and really would pair well with the Pashmina in arrangements. The open blossom is huge, by far the largest in this whole group coming in at up to 6″ wide! Short vase life, best to use in event work and kept in the cooler when not designing with it. Truly a real beauty!! Did I mention the blooms are HUGE & smell wonderful?!

Florabundance, A pale lavender rose
Secret Garden Rose
Secret Garden
Vase Life: 8 Days – sturdy cut flower
Width when open: 3-4″, definitely varies from bloom to bloom
Bunch Size: 25 Stems
Origin: South American
Details: More of a lavender blush rose, as opposed to our other more pale pink roses in this study. Opens nicely and the blooms do range from 3 to 4″ when open, some even show the centers which gives a nice “garden rose” look. Hardy rose with strong stems, few thorns to remove. A great rose for both event work and everyday shop orders.

Florabundance, White O'Hara Garden Rose, a blush pink cream large rose
White O'hara Rose
White O’Hara
Vase Life: 6 Days, good Event flower
Width when open: 4″ Wide
Bunch Size: 12 Stems
Origin: South America
Details: Great rose for special event work, it opens up large and takes up a lot of space in arrangements! It has a great hue of blush pink even though it’s called White O’Hara. The outside starts white and the center goes to pink. The petals are ruffly so it has a great “garden rose” look with a better price tag and stronger vase life. I know this rose is a favorite of many designers and it is understandable, it has the elements many of us desire – it’s big, looks like an expensive garden rose without the price tag & is sturdy with great blush coloring!

Flirty Fleurs Blush Pink Roses

Details about all the roses in this study:
-The Roses were never placed in the cooler once I received them!
-The Roses were set out in the house for the course of the rose study.
-I did not use quick dip, flower food or crowning glory, or any other “helpers”. Just freshly cut stems placed in clear water.
-You’ll notice a variety in stem counts for each of these roses. When you do place an order for any of these roses I would highly suggest mentioning the actual stem count that you desire to confirm you receive the correct amount!!

A HUGE thank you to Florabundance Wholesale for providing all of these roses for the Blush Rose Study. Please give them a call if you’d like to order and have any of these roses shipped directly to you!
800-201-3597 or email –

1296 Cravens Lane, Carpinteria, CA 93013

Flirty Fleurs Pink Rose Study

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