Are you familiar with the company, Bloompop? Bloompop is an online marketplace (think “Etsy for flowers”) that makes it easy to buy gorgeous, artisan flowers from a curated selection of the best local florists. I’ve been chatting with the founder, Shavanna, for the better part of the past year and watching the growth of Bloompop online. As a Bloompop Florist Partner, florists showcase and sell their own floral designs and access new customers while maintaining control of their own brand and artistic creativity.


Bloompop only partners with a curated selection of the best local florists across the country. Following a high standard of review, florists are invited to be a part of the exclusive Bloompop Floral Community featuring varied design aesthetics from across the country. As Partners, florists receive a FREE professional photo shoot of their shop and designs. Designs are rustic, modern, and everything in between — as unique as the florists who make them. Bloompop’s Florist Community Manager and Sales Team provided dedicated support, working to book business and showcase individual design aesthetic for our Florist Partners.
If you are thinking about adding the option of floral deliveries to your business or looking for a new option for a e-commerce partner/wire service type business then I’d recommend checking out Bloompop.

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