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Holland : Why it should be on your bucket list!

Travel to Holland with Paula Coleman of Elite Events, Inc.

When people think of Holland, they think of flowers! And, rightly so… after all Holland is one of the worlds’ largest flower producers. In my opinion, Holland Flowers are superior to flowers grown in other parts of the world. I think it is the Dutch people, and their love for their craft that makes Holland a truly special place that you should visit, and visit often!

Holland should be on everyone’s bucket list because there is literally something for everyone! My first trip to Holland was in 2004, and the trip proved much too short a visit because of all there is to see and do! I vowed to return, and every time I do, there is something new that I didn’t see on my previous visit! Holland offers over 2500 Museums to delight every passion, it is also home to the world’s oldest amusement park, Royal Delft Pottery, Diamond Trading, Gouda Cheese, Dutch Masters Vermeer & Rembrandt, and of course Tulips! Art & Culture abound in this remarkable country. I am a floral designer first, but I also love history and culture. And, there is no better place to combine so many interests than Holland! I longed to create a trip for designers & enthusiasts alike. One that would include cultural aspects that make Holland what it is today. Let me show you what you’ve been missing!

• Anne Frank House – Secret Annex where her famed diary was written during the German occupation of the Netherlands
• Rijksmuseum – Dutch Masters works including Rembrandts “Night Watch”
• De Efteling – Worlds’ oldest amusement park!
• Keukenhof Gardens – The worlds’ most beautiful spring garden with over 7 million bulbs in bloom at once!
• Van Gogh Museum – Worlds’ largest collection of Van Gogh paintings
• Aalsmeer – Famed Dutch Flower Auction, 20 million stems sold daily!

Contact: Paula Coleman, Floral Stylist ~ Owner Elite Events, Inc. (812) 945-3596

Travel to Holland with Paula Coleman of Elite Events, Inc.

Travel to Holland with Paula Coleman of Elite Events, Inc.

Travel to Holland with Paula Coleman of Elite Events, Inc.

Travel to Holland with Paula Coleman of Elite Events, Inc.

Travel to Holland with Paula Coleman of Elite Events, Inc.

Travel to Holland with Paula Coleman of Elite Events, Inc.

Pantone Color of the Year – Greenery


Green Bridal bouquet

Designer Unknown

A Flower Halo Workshop – Seattle, Washington

Sunday, March 5th - Flower Crown Workshop in Seattle, Washington -Floral Design Class with Flirty Fleurs

A Flower Halo Workshop
Sunday, March 5, 2017 / 1pm to 3:30pm

In this hands-on design class we’ll review ways to construct flower halos, crowns, wreaths, combs – if you can wear it in your hair or on your head we will talk about it!! We’ll create a few beauties with a variety of fresh, spring flowers. All instruction, fresh flowers and hard goods are included, please bring your own clippers.

Investment: $200.00 per person
Register Here:


Animals + Flowers

What’s cuter than animals wearing flowers?! We have an adorable collection of dogs, cats, horses, and even guinea pigs sporting flower halos and wreaths –

german shepherd wearing flowers

Kitten wearing a flower crown

Collie wearing flowers

Guinea Pig wearing a flower crown

LOVE & Hearts

Flowers + Fruit

Centerpiece with pomegranates, roses, and viburnum

Designer Unknown

The ever exquisite Clematis

Clematis and Pink garden rose bouquet

designer unknown

Flirty Fleurs’ – Dahlia Tubers for Sale!

Dahlias grown by Alicia Schwede of the Flirty Fleurs Blog. Dahlias include Rebecca Lynn, Alloway Candy, and Bride To Be

If you happen to follow my flower adventures on Instagram and/or Facebook surely this past summer you witnessed quite a few photos taken in my Dahlia Patch, the name I coined my ever growing Dahlia garden.
I started growing dahlias my first summer (2014) at our new house in Washington. They grew nicely and I learned how to divide and store them that winter. 2015 came along and due to the dividing I had MORE dahlias to plant. Well, history repeated itself and I divided and stored dahlias again last winter. What started as 50 tubers in 2014 turned into 400 tubers for 2016. AND then there is this current round, where those 400 tubers have been divided into … thousands. BTW I tell Vivian at Everyday Flowers that she is too good of a teacher as she is the one who taught me how to divide! She gets a big kick out of my ever expanding dahlia tuber collection.
So that brings us to the point of THIS BLOG POST.
I have A LOT of Dahlias for the upcoming season and for the first time ever I am looking to sell off some tubers. (Last year I did pack some up and send off to friends in California, Colorado, and Nebraska so I could share the love).
Sooooo….. I have 4 Varieties up for Sale:

Flirty Fleurs Dahlias - Rebecca Lynn Dahlias - Hot Pink Dahlia TubersRebecca Lynn Dahlia Tubers – For Sale
Flirty Fleurs Dahlias - Bride To Be Dahlias - White Dahlia TubersBride To Be Dahlias – For Sale
Flirty Fleurs Dahlias - Alloway Candy Dahlias - Pink Dahlia TubersAlloway Candy Dahlias – For Sale
Mero Star Dahlia Tubers For Sale, Dinner Plate Burgundy Dahlia Tubers for SaleMero Star Dahlias – For Sale

Get your orders in now to reserve the tubers. I will be shipping them out in the spring once the weather allows for shipping across the country.
Please email me at if you have any questions at all or need help placing an order – I am more than happy to help!!

Tips on keeping customer service on-point for Valentine’s day with Alison Ellis

Tips on keeping customer service on-point for Valentine’s day with Alison Ellis

Holidays are a time when florists find out what we’re really made of.
We have to have systems in place to survive the hurried pace and high volume of orders, yet throughout all of the hustle and bustle, we cannot lose sight of the fact that how we treat our customers matters.

Valentine’s day is a time when florists are accused of being “overpriced” which is why we must remember that our excellent customer service is one of most important ways we provide value to our clients.

You can’t compare my business to a grocery store; they don’t do what I do.

In short, our systems and processes aren’t effective without good people who follow through.

Check out my video (perhaps watch it with your employees, too!).
Thanks so much for taking a few minutes to watch!

Find out more about Alison here: