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Behold … deliciously antique-hued carnations! For anyone out there who thinks they don’t like carnations, these beauties will surely change their minds! Beautiful and striking in a design on their own or a perfect option to complement various color palettes. These awesome carnations are available from Florabundance Wholesale. Last November while at IFTF in Holland Joost and I came across these carnations and we were instantly drawn to their uniqueness. Joost knew right away that Florabundance customers would want these pretty flowers!
Check them out, which one is your favorite??

Antigua Carnation

Babylon Carnation

Carol Carnation

Hypnosis Carnation

Merletto Crimson Carnation

Terracotta Caramel

Antique Carnation Collection by Florabundance; Carol, Merletto Crimson, Babylon, Hypnosis, Antigua, Terracotta Caramel

Spray Carnations

Spray Carnations in pink, white and peach. These are a great little filler flower and offer a unique blossom shape.

Flirty Fleurs Floral Design Workshops - Orange and White Bridal Bouquet with Kumquats

Recently in one of my design workshops we played with the spray carnations. I like how designer Dani added these little white carnations into the bouquet and how they mimic citrus blossoms! Definitely keep these little spray carns in mind if you ever need a “pretend” citrus blossom!!

Bella Fiori Designs - Marsala flower centerpiece

These Merletto Crimson Carnations work perfectly in a Marsala color palette!

These carnations have a very long vase life, easily 2-3 weeks. Oh and since I asked y’all for your favorite color I will tell you mine – the Merletto Crimson! That carnation is so awesome, a lot of depth of colors on each petal. One last note – these carnations do all smell fantastic.

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  1. Beautiful, and such an under-appreciated flower family! Thanks for the information.

  2. love, love, love

  3. love the babylon and hypnosis!

  4. I love carnations! Especially the antique varieties. Antiquas please! They are all beautiful. The spray blossoms look so much looser and open than modern mini/spray carnations.

  5. Thank you for this point. They are beautiful, I will have to call Joost and get some carnations myself