Anemones & Ranunculus

Anemones & Ranunculus appear to be two of the most popular flowers at the moment. What makes me think this? I see them featured all the time in the bridal magazines, many of my clients request them and most importantly – “Price of Anemone/Ranunculus” is the most searched query on this blog.

Let’s take a look at these two beautiful flowers.



I contacted florists throughout the US to ask about the average prices for each of these flowers in their markets. (Please note, these prices are of Dec. 2010 and they are subject to change at any time due to availability. The prices shown below are just a guide for your planning purposes.)

Stems, Evergreen CO $2.20 each in season.
Trendee Flowers, San Diego, CA $3.50 each in season.
Enchanted Florist, Ashland, OR
Anemone – $1.50 in season $2 off season
Ranunculus – $2 in season $3 off season.
Monday Morning Flower and Balloon Company, Princeton, NJ & Yardley, PA $3-4 per stem depending on season

Plus, mentioning their availability is very important! These two beauties are not available 365 days a year. They definitely have seasons and when out of season the blooms are quite small and the stems are quite weak.
Anemones are in season from October through May. They start to make a quiet entrance back into the wholesale houses in September. Their peak season is in spring. (This is a slight problem for summertime weddings when the demand for Anemones is high.)
Ranunculus are at their best from January to May. They are available most of the year except the hottest months of the summer (end of July, August & September) when some varieties become difficult to obtain.

Next.. SIZE! These are not huge flowers, they are no where as large as a rose or peony. When you see a stem price of $1.50-3.50 each do not be fooled by thinking you’ve found a reasonably priced flower. These flowers are petite. When they are in their prime season the blooms measure maybe 2″ wide. Out of season they can be as tiny as a quarter! You’ll need a lot of these tiny blossoms to make a good sized bouquet.

Anemones are available in red, pink, hot pink/magenta, purple, blue, white with green centers and white with black centers.
Ranunculus are available in red, orange, yellow, pale yellow, green, white, pink, hot pink, plum & peach.

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