Adventures in Amsterdam

I just came back from a lovely 10 day vacation to Amsterdam & Paris with my friend, Kaye. The original plan was to go straight to Paris where she was scheduled to run the Paris marathon. I invited myself along and asked if we could visit Holland. She was game and off we went!

Visiting Holland is like visiting the flower mecca of the world. I truly was in flower heaven. Kaye might have had a bit of flower overload.. 😉

Floriculture is a major industry in Holland. The Dutch floricultural business employs approximately 50,000 people.
“Holland remains the center of production for the European floral market, as well as a major international supplier to other continents. The flower auction at Aalsmeer is the largest flower market in the world. Since the mid-1970s, the production and distribution of cut flowers in Netherlands has burgeoned. In 1995, Dutch growers produced over 8 billion blooms and the flower auctions collectively traded more than 5.4 billion guilders (about $3.2 billion) in cut flowers and potted plants, contributing over 4 billion guilders annually to the Dutch balance of trade.” (wikipedia)

Over the next few days I will be posting about our visit to Aalsmeer, Keukenhof, flower shops of Paris, gardens in both cities. I took about 1700 photos with a large portion of those being flowers. So get ready for lots of pretty!

Me (Alicia) sitting on a tulip boat at Keukenhof

Kaye in front of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Let’s start with our arrival in Amsterdam, we headed out for a relaxing walk through the city:

Crocus, the first sign that spring is coming

Love this, no idea what kind of bush it is?


I'm developing a real addiction to fritillaria..

muscari.. so much muscari!

this restaurant had about 5 flower boxes lining the windows just filled to the brim with muscari!

We came across this lovely shop in Leidseplein called Ivy. They had such a beautiful shop filled with luscious flowers:

greeted at the door with pussy willow & daffodils


Ivy's front window display (sorry for the reflection of the building behind us)

Italian ranunculus

some of my favorite tulips!

Back on the streets of Amsterdam:

air plant

The wall at the entrance of our hotel

store front, so quaint

Arms full of flowers..


front of a flower shop


Scenes from Amsterdam:

What do you think so far??
Tomorrow.. Aalsmeer flower auction.

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  1. I’m not totally sure but think that budding bush with the thorns is Pyracantha…..My horticulture skills are a bit rusty but that’s my best guess. It will develop orange berries later in the growing season. Love the post and keep em’ coming!

  2. I’m dying over the muscari window box and the wine colored parrot tulips! I’ve never seen that much muscari in one place! Gorgeous…can’t wait to see more…

  3. Cori – Really? Pyracantha? I guess I’ve never seen it in the spring time. The thorns to look like Pyracantha.

    Amy – When we came across the muscari window boxes I said ‘you’ve got to be kidding me, all muscari in one place?!’. It was amazing.

  4. It’s my best guess! Sure looks like it!