A visit to Aalsmeer Flower Auction

I’ve wanted to visit Aalsmeer for awhile, wanted to see it with my own eyes. It really is an impressive operation.
Via Wikipedia – The auction building of the flower auction in Aalsmeer is the third largest building in the world, in terms of floorspace, covering 990,000 m² (10.6 million sq ft).
It’s quite easy to go to Aalsmeer from Amsterdam, 30 minute bus ride and that’s mostly due to stoplights & traffic. Once there the visitors entrance is clearly marked. It costs 5 euros for entrance. Once you pay you are permitted to walk around on a viewing platform, it’s a very long walkway the wraps around the building & along the way they have signs which explain what you are seeing.

Arriving at Flora Holland

Entrance arrangement

A sign explaining what we are seeing on the auction clock.

The auction board

There are four auction boards to watch.

Hydrangea on the auction block, I raised my hand to buy it! 🙂

Where the buyers sit.

I wonder how many buyers this place can handle?

explanation of how the testing center works

Flowers in the testing room

At the border

Quality First

The heart of the auction

after purchase the carts receive a sticker for their destination


white hydrangea





gorgeous sweet peas



lineup to go into the auction

hypericum berries

green hypericum

carts and carts of flowers

check out that blue hydrangea!

plum/purple hydrangea

magenta hydrangea

my fave - green hydrangea

This space just goes on forever and ever.. so many carts, so many flowers

calla lilies

click here to watch a video I took at Aalsmeer, it’s pretty impressive to see constant movement:
Aalsmeer Video

So, what do you think? I took tons more photos and found it hard to narrow down. I loved being here, watching the constant movement. Wondering where the flowers would be sent. Figuring I was seeing some flowers on their way to our wholesalers here in Denver. It was a really cool experience, if you love flowers make sure you visit here someday!

For more information be sure to visit Flora Holland’s website.

Tomorrow.. floating flower market of Amsterdam!

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  1. This post makes me want to cry!! There are all the flowers I have requested and never received in Central Texas! “We can’t get vivid blue hydrangeas…” “We can’t get purple hydrangeas…” “We’ve never seen red sweet peas…” Always so frustrating to know the flowers I want are out there, but I’m unable to get my hands on them!

  2. SWEET PEAS!!!!! Oh my gosh, I wish they looked like that here in Denver!!!

  3. Lots of Love Floral Design says:

    I’m heading to Amsterdam soon for a week, can’t wait to see the market . I’m already depressed knowing that Australia is so far away, I will never get purple hydrangea, red sweet peas etc. I’m hoping to do a one day Floral workshop while I’m there and use some of those amazing flowers.