A day in the life..

This post could also be titled: Are you sure you really want to do this.. for any of the newbies thinking this sounds like a great career! ha ha 😉

This is my timeline from a recent Thursday, during this week I did not have any flowers to design for weddings. Are you ready for this??

5am – wake up, coffee and get ready for day
5:40 hop in car, off to first install of the day
6:00 arrive at church to install pipe & drape for a wedding. We had been here the night before but were unable to finish the pipe & drape install due to a church meeting.
6:50 hop in car, off to wholesaler
7:05 arrive at wholesaler (wholesalers in Denver open at 7am). Buy flowers for an order received the night before from a catering company and for a sample for a bride.
– Just in case you are wondering, I do charge full price for samples.
7:30 back in car
7:40 stop at Whole Foods because I forgot about breakfast, lunch and dinner (Whole Foods Lakewood opens at 7:30am, fyi).

Whole Foods does have a yummy oatmeal bar..

7:50 Drive!
8-8:05 unload car and get ready to design, I have 8 centerpieces to create for the catering company order.

prep glass vases with a tape grid - best to prep everything all at once.

Next I line my table with the 8 vases and count out stems per vase.. knife in hand this is a very quick system to design 8 almost identical centerpieces.

The final centerpiece - already to be packed up and placed in the cooler

8:05 – 9:00 design the arrangements, read emails, talk on phone, etc.
9:15 Out the door! Errands to run.
9:40 Arrive at first stop, need to pick up vases and containers from the corporate party I had designed and delivered on Tuesday. Chat with the girls for a bit, check out the new office of a corporate event planner.

Just a few boxes filled with vases and aspen bark pieces..

9:55 Back in the car
10:15 Arrive at a different wholesaler than the early one.. time to pick up different flowers for two bridal centerpiece samples.
10:45 leave wholesaler
11:10 arrive at shop
11:15 Client is picking up a boutonniere/corsage order for the wedding that I mentioned above where we did the pipe & drape.
11:20 Unload flowers and vases from the car. Pack the 8 centerpieces for the caterer which will be delivered on Friday morning. Process the new flowers that just came in and work on the sample pieces for a meeting. Pack the samples.
12:00 *break*. Ok, my break consists of taking my dogs outside for a few minutes and heating up my lunch.. Also manage to return some phone calls, read emails and mail, etc.
12:30 Leave for meeting
1-2pm On-site walkthrough with a bride, wedding planners and caterer. Yippee, the bride loves her sample arrangements. (again, I don’t encourage samples and I do charge full price).

One of the sample arrangements for my bride.

Part of the lower centerpiece..

2-2:30 drive to walk-through meeting #2, I arrive 30 minutes early – just never know what Denver traffic will do so better to arrive early! Sit in car and go through emails, voicemails, make phone calls.
3pm Walkthrough with bride, site manager, wedding planner I’ve never worked with before (that’s always amusing), bride & groom.
4:10 Drive to shop, on phone the whole time.
4:40 Arrive at the shop.
4:45 Computer work!! Update floral and rental plans, answer emails, talk to wedding planners on the phone, load vases into dishwasher and get that running, other little odds & ends around the shop.
6:30 Go home! Take a break 🙂
7:45 At my laptop — so much paperwork!! Work on more wedding estimates, floral and rental plan updates, return MORE emails.
10:00pm – Call it quits for the day!
Afterall, have to be up at 5am the next day to be on site to oversee a lantern install inside a tent. Oh yea.. that’s the way it goes around here.

A few things that make my life easier – iPhone loaded with dropbox, squareup and other aps., earpiece for the phone – important while driving, garmin gps, SUV to haul everything around (ugh, the gas!) — all so necessary!!
On a day like today I never checked in on flirty fleurs, no time to work on the blog – just Bella Fiori and Bella Rents all day..

Stats for the day : 85 miles driven
I should have kept track of how many emails and phone calls..

The map:

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  1. Definitely not my cup of tea. Could you do a day in the life in say February for contrast? 😉

    Also, how do you change the water in the tape grid vases? I’ve always wondered how folks do that.

    • Oh, I LOVE February — usually on a trip to somewhere cool! Like Massachusetts to visit cool flower friends. Ok, so that was March. My 6 months of hard-core work definitely explain the 6 off months of traveling and enjoying life, right?? 😉

      As for the tape grid vases, it’s pretty easy to change the water. I hold the vase in one hand and place a hand under the flowers and tip it and the water pours out. The tape holds the flowers in place really well. Then I refill in the sink. I’m a fan of the tape grid since w/ the events I never know what crazy bumpy road I’ll be driving and I need something that’ll hold the flowers in place.

  2. What is the sample arrangement standing in? It’s so pretty?

    • Believe it or not, the bride bought that vase at Safeway grocery store in the floral department! She brought me all the vases for her wedding. She bought those for $6 each, originally about $25 each. I really like them, some are lavender and some are white.

  3. This is what makes me question my job and is also why I’m on sabbatical! Made me kind of exhausted just reading it!


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