My 5 Favorite Tools

One of the most common questions I hear in my floral design workshops is “what are your favorite tools to use?”
So here you go — my five favorite tools, 5 things I don’t want to design without! You’ll notice 3 of the 5 are cutting tools, between being a designer for 15 years and spending lots of time at the computer one thing is for sure — a sore hand & wrist! To combat potential damage I have picked out three tools that are very gentle to my thumb and wrist.
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Swiss Army Floral Knife

Swiss Army Floral Knife – in purple, love the colors!
While I do love to use my Japanese shears, I do use my knife the majority of the time. It’s good for the flowers, and really good for my hand & wrist — keep away carpal tunnel!

Ashinaga shears from Hida Tools

Ashinaga shears from Hida Tools
I love these shears SO much. Their cut is sharp and are prefect for creating a clean bottom to a bridal bouquet. I also like that they don’t have a spring, as the clippers with springs aggravate my wrist. 15 years in this business… trying to keep the wear and tear on my hand & wrist to a minimum!

Ratchet Pruners

Heavy-Duty Ratchet Pruner. I picked these up at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show last year and absolutely love them. The best Ratchets I’ve ever used to cut branches — and some really big branches. Again, feels great on the hand & wrist.

Green floral tape

1/4″ Green Waterproof Oasis Floral Tape.
This waterproof tape will hold anything in place! I use it to bind bridal bouquets, I use it to tape containers, and tape chicken wire into place. I use a lot of this tape! It’s strong & waterproof – just what I need!

Crowing Glory Hydration Spray

Crowing Glory Hydration Spray
I would be willing to guess that I’ve barely sent an arrangement out in the past 15 years that hasn’t been sprayed with Crowning Glory! I’ve been a fan for a long time, especially when using hydrangeas in my wedding designs.. lifesaver!

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