Alicia’s 2014 Year In Review

Santa Barbara Airport

1/18 – Arrive in Santa Barbara for Florabundance Design Days

Alicia Schwede, Eatherly and Dana

1/19 – Dana, Eatherly and I at dinner during Florabundance Design Days

Joseph Massie and Alicia Schwede

1/20 – Joe Massie & I

Francoise Weeks

1/21 – Francoise Weeks

joost bongaerts

1/21 – Joost Bongaerts, us designers had fun telling Joost he matched all his poppies!

Joe Massie

1/22 – Joseph Massie

joost bongaerts, holly chapple, joe massie

1/22 – Joost, Holly and Joe behind Joe’s poppy installation

Nancy Cameron

2/1 – This is Nancy Cameron of Destiny Hill Farm at a class that I was teaching with Debra Prinzing in Seattle

Janet of Floral Verde

2/5 – Drove down to Portland to visit with Janet of Floral Verde and Francoise Weeks

Seattle Home and Garden Show - floral design studio

2/6 – attended Northwest Flower & Garden Show and fell in love with this design studio — dreaming of what to build on my own land!

Pekingese and Cocker Spaniel

3/12 – Chad and I have moved into our new home. Matisse & Johann are taking in their new surroundings.

Bella Fiori - Hellebore flower arrangement

4/4 – Went on a Hellebore Hunt with Riz Reyes, this is the arrangement I designed.

Skagit Valley Tulips

4/9 – It’s Tulip Time in Skagit Valley, Washington!

dog with a flower collar

4/15 – Johann trying on a flower collar

Overlooking Seattle

4/23 – one of my best friends came to Seattle and we explored and explored this region for a week – great fun!

Coral Charm Peonies

5/1 – Unbelievable Coral Charm Peonies sent to me by Florabundance Wholesale

bouquet of peonies, roses, clematis

5/3 – Debra Prinzing and I taught another class in Seattle, this is one of the bridal bouquets from the class

floret flower farm

5/15 – Visited Floret Flower Farm. Erin gave me 50 dahlia tubers as a house warming gift!

RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London!

5/22 – I attended RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London!

Paula Pryke and Neill Strain

5/22 – Paula Pryke and Neill Strain made my trip to London so very special!

Joseph Massie and Alicia Schwede

5/24 – Reunited with Joe Massie while in England!

David Austin Rose Gardens UK

5/25 – This happened!! Emma and I drove up north and visited David Austin Rose Gardens!!

gardening in washington

5/31 – My husband are gathering plants for our yard – this is the back of my SUV packed full of plants!

Greater Seattle Floral Association

6/23 – I belong to an amazing group of business owners in Seattle called GSFA (greater Seattle floral association). In June we hosted a floral workshop and Nancy Liu Chin came up from San Francisco to work with us.

Nancy Liu Chin and Alicia Schwede

6/23 – Nancy Liu Chin and I at GSFA

Whale Watching in Puget Sound

6/26 – Whale Watching with my in-laws, such a beautiful day out on the water.

Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

7/7 – I start my 3 month job at Seattle Wholesale Growers’ Market, great experience getting to know farmers and florists in the area!

Diane of Jello Mold Farm

7/14 – Diane of Jello Mold Farm arrives at SWGM. Talk about farm fresh!

flower crown with passion flowers and bachelor buttons

7/17 – My sweet niece comes to visit us in Washington. We decide to do a flower crown photoshoot! She had a blast.

White shasta daisy flower crown

7/17 – Maddie really wanted a flower crown of daisies! Isn’t it something how a look from the ’70s is still around?

Everyday flower farm in Stanwood

7/22 – Visited Vivian Larson’s farm with Debra Prinzing

Bella Fiori - purple and burgundy flower arrangement with dahlias, petunias, butterfly bush, sweetpeas and zinnias

7/22 – A flower arrangement I designed while visiting Vivian’s Flower Farm

seattle wholesale growers market dahlias

8/13 – Nicole and I were busy, busy this day at SWGM – all these fresh dahlias going out on one client’s order!

wedding flower arch at Columbia Winery in Woodinville, wa

8/16 – One of the weddings I designed this year took place in Woodinville, Washington — this was the arch I created for the ceremony.

Clematis, Passionflowers and Dahlias in the garden

8/18 – a section of my garden – clematis and passionflower vines are growing up the trellis and so many dahlias!

Red Rose Centerpieces

8/23 – All red roses for another one of my weddings (Bella Fiori). This was for a wedding at The Sorrento Hotel in Seattle.

8/29 - My friend Robyn of Bare Root Flora came to Washington State to do a wedding, these are the bouquets - aren't they gorgeous? We had so much fun working together!

8/29 – My friend Robyn of Bare Root Flora came to Washington State to do a wedding, these are the bouquets – aren’t they gorgeous? We had so much fun working together!

Flirty Fleurs Dahlias

8/31 – Darn hail storm hit my area and took out a bunch of my dahlias! They look pretty here all gathered.

Dahlia Wall at Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

9/2 – Dahlia festival at SWGM, this was the Dahlia Wall my husband built for the festival

Tall amaranthus

9/17 – Amaranthus as tall as Brita, Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

Flirty Fleurs in Dahlias

9/18 – Nancy of Destiny Hill Farm sent me this photo – love it!

Flirty Fleurs Workshop

9/20 – My bouquet class, putting the girls to work pricing out their bouquets

Alicia Schwede with flowers

9/27 – all of these flowers are from my garden!!

Kelly Botanique and Vivian of Everyday Flower Farm

10/10 – Vivian of Everyday Flower Farm and Kelly of Botanique. I’ve really enjoyed my time at SWGM and spending time with awesome flower people!

Red Rose Glamellia as a hair piece

10/11 – Teaching a flower crown workshop in Seattle. I’ve always wanted to make a glamellia and finally tried it out as part of a hair piece. Thank you to Keita for modeling the design!

Garden with dahlias and zinnias

10/17 – the first frost is looming, enjoying every last minute with my flowers that are still blooming!

Yard work

10/20 – all good things must come to an end I suppose – this includes my gorgeous first year garden! All the frosted flowers headed to the compost pile

Office design

10/22 – View from my desk – very inspiring spot

Accent Decor

10/27 – Visiting one of my best friends who happens to live in Atlanta, Georgia. She just happens to live about 10 minutes away from Accent Decor! We went by for a visit one morning.

11/2 - Holland!

11/2 – Holland! I’ve arrived in Holland and am looking forward to a busy week attending IFTF, Holex, and many other flower business while here with Joost of Florabundance!

Joost and David Austin

11/5 – Joost telling David Austin all about Instagram while we are all at IFTF

Alexandra Garden Rose Farm

11/5 – Alexandra Farm Roses on display at IFTF

Red Rose Heart at IFTF

11/5 – IFTF – heart made out of red Naomi roses

Ukiah, California

11/16 – Home to California to see my parents. This is the view from their front yard, late fall in Ukiah is the best time to see the foliage on the grapevines.

Miles of Fiori Floral Design

11/26 – Miles of Fiori Floral Design was one of the first people to see the new Flirty Fleurs Magazine!

12/2 - VOILA - Flirty Fleurs Magazine launches!

12/2 – VOILA – Flirty Fleurs Magazine launches!

McKenzie Powell Workshop

12/6 – I took a wreath making taught by McKenzie Powell. That’s Annette on the other side of McKenzie.. talk about a small world, I designed Annette’s wedding flowers back in 2006 in Colorado!

12/25 - Merry Christmas! We loved our Christmas tree twinkling in the front window! December was a very busy month!

12/25 – Merry Christmas! We loved our Christmas tree twinkling in the front window! December was a very busy month!

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  1. Your year in flowers was absolutely beautiful! The photos from your garden are stunning. I think my favorite arrangement is that hellebore hunt although those floral crowns your niece modeled are pretty fabulous too. I’m so thankful our paths have crossed again. Looking forward to sharing more floral adventures with you.

  2. Beautiful year! I hope to be in some pics with you next year!