2012 Flirty Fleurs & DWF Bouquet Contest

Thank you to all the designers who entered this years bouquet contest

Flirty Fleurs wishes to remind entrants to the Bouquet Contest about the rules:

  • Each designer can enter up to three bouquets.
  • Each bouquet must be composed of 75% fresh product.
  • The bouquet must contain the the Pantone color of the year, Tangerine Tango.

We will also have a People’s Choice winner this year!Each designer can enter up to three bouquets.

  • Each bouquet must be composed of 75% fresh product.
  • The bouquet must contain the the Pantone color of the year, Tangerine Tango.
  • Only the first two votes from a single IP address (computer) will be counted.

Flirty Fleurs reserves the right to disqualify entrants based on violation of the rules! Remember, this is not a popularity contest! It’s a design contest–stacking the deck by mass emailing your contact list and asking them to vote defies the purpose (and let’s be honest, ruins the fun) of the contest. Play fair and have fun!

To vote for your favorite bouquet please leave a comment here with the bouquet of your choice. Only the FIRST TWO votes from a single computer will be counted.!


Here are the entries!























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  1. # 1 . Love everything about it. The color combination and the textures.

  2. #21, but they are all so amazing! The judges have a tough choice

  3. #3!!!! Fresh and yummy!

  4. #7 is my fave!

  5. Jessica Strong says:

    #6 is gorgeous!

  6. #7 and #8 are my favorites, with #3 right up there, too, but I think #16 is the most “tangerine tango-y”.

  7. #3 is my favorite

  8. Its definitely a dificult choice.. but I do love 21. I love the roses, and calla’s.

  9. #21 makes my mouth water… DELICIOUS

  10. Voting for #1. Had so much fun with these blooms…

  11. I vote for #1 ­čÖé

  12. Amanda Lamb says:

    #1! Love the pop of Tangerine-Tango!

  13. Cori Shaff says:

    #1 all the way – gorgeous!

  14. Love #1

  15. For a truly “Spirited Reddish Orange”, in Tangerine Tango style…my vote is #21
    Exotic, fashionable, seems to meet the Pantone 2012 colour when I compared the arrangement with what I saw on the Pantone site…yup…#21

  16. 4 and 8. 4 has the deisidner’s website on it, FYI

  17. LOVE #1!!

  18. I vote for number 21 although they are all beautiful 21 is my favorite one ­čÖé

  19. Number 21 for sure.

  20. Number 1!

  21. The deep, contrasting colors of 10# caught my eye!

  22. No. 11 and 14 are the most beautiful and functional arrangements. This designer is total picking up on all of this seasons newest trends!!

    VOTE 11 AND 14 !!!!!

  23. I love #16. The use of begonia and forget me nots is right out of the spring garden. I love #21 It is a tangerine dream.

  24. rhona cruickshank says:

    #8 and #3 because they meet the guidelines of the contest.

  25. #1 and #18 are so beautiful, wish I was getting married again.

  26. Number #8 !

  27. Danelle W says:

    I’m going to go with #21 – very pretty

  28. #3 and #16 – Both make use of a contrasting blue nicely.

  29. #5. Gorgeous color and the shape is perfect! Well done!

  30. #16 and #7

  31. Ooh! I think you saved the best for last! I love #21!

  32. Mark Anderson says:

    #1 gets my vote

  33. Karen Snyder says:

    Love #1

  34. Mic Tacori says:

    #11 – Simple perfection! I really appreciate the contrast in the greenery as it accentuates the tangerine tango. A lot of the other submissions, although well executed, could remember the old saying, “less is more”.

  35. Victoria says:

    #13 xo

  36. #13. Just gorgeous!!!

  37. Angie Peady says:


  38. Love #13! Such gorgeous colours

  39. Wow! Number 13 is so original! What a great photo.

  40. No 13 is really on the money with the colours and unique style

  41. #1 is the best!

  42. #1

  43. Tracey hale says:

    # 13

  44. Gareth Hale says:


  45. #16 is exceptional!

  46. Merry Bearden says:

    They are all sooo pretty! My favorite, though, is #7, with #16 a close 2nd. I love the daffodils.

  47. Becky McClinton says:

    #16 is by far the most elegant and delicious.

  48. #1. Love the color combo, textures and use of flowers. Exquisite!

  49. Laurie says:

    My vote is for #19

  50. Elsie wedel says:

    I love no. 21 it’s so beautiful and colorful. I think it’s the one to win.

  51. #5 is beautiful!

  52. #13 is fab.

  53. Louise says:


  54. #13!

  55. Audrey says:

    #13 Amazing

  56. joanne says:


  57. #13. WOW!

  58. I LOVE orange so this is a tough one, but I think #21 pulls ahead of the others for me!! Everyone has done a FAB job!!

  59. I love #5 – gorgeous!

  60. Boa noite!

    Primeiramente quero parabeniz├í-la pela qualidade do seu trabalho! Achei tudo muito lindo, a combina├ž├úo das flores perfeita, uma verdadeira harmonia e beleza.
    Tenho um BLOG DE BOUQUETS PARA NOIVAS, então copiei vários , para ser postado, caso você permitir.
    Agrade├žo muito e pe├žo autoriza├ž├úo para colocar fotos dos bouquets no BLOG.
    Maria Ferreira M.Moraes – Belo Horizonte . MG – Brasil

  61. Number 2

  62. Number 1. Best one if you ask me

  63. I’m going with #1!

  64. Kathleen says:

    My vote is #21. Lovely!


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