15 Years!

bella fiori 15 years

15 Years ago today was my first day of full time floral designer business!
It’s so hard for me to believe that 15 years have gone by since I jumped into the deep end of the pool. Sink or Swim, baby!
Come to think of it- there was a lot of treading water, paddling hard, and sometimes it felt like I might drown.

Honestly, I had plans to make this a fun week of reminiscing, but the past fews days have been a rough, roller coaster ride. Power out for ~30 hours, trees down in the yard, a shattered windshield on the car, etc, etc. The list of current road bumps goes on quite a bit, but I’ll spare you all the boring details. Yet, I sit here and am trying to write this blog post, reminisce about the past 15 years. Thinking I should just grab a cup of coffee, close my eyes, hide under a blanket.

Ok, here’s a sum up of 15 years in this industry. I have a wedding scheduled for next week, luckily it’s a petite affair. Right now my father-in-law’s health has taken a turn for the worse, he’s currently undergoing treatment for leukemia in Omaha. My husband flew out yesterday, and I’m sitting here tying up loose ends and preparing to fly out as well. The wedding for next week is in the back of my mind. Yesterday my friend, Miles of Fiori Floral Design, says to me – don’t worry about your wedding, we’ll take care of it for you. That right there, that’s what this industry means to me. Friends who help each other out in a time of need.

That being said … I’m going to need a break from the blog as I tend to family business. I’m sorry to say that there is nothing currently in the queue for the blog. Thank you for understanding.

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  1. A touching post, Alicia. I’m wishing you and your family lots of strength. xo

  2. so sorry to hear that you and your family are going through a rotten time, Alicia. Hope things go better for you all,
    jess at Periwinkle in Toronto

  3. Sorry to hear your family is going through a difficult time. It’s nice to hear you have friends to support you and that you’re taking time to be with family.

  4. Here’s to a better finish to the rest of the year. I am glad you are able to put the blog aside, to try and recoup. Your loyal fans will be waiting and wishing you well.

  5. You go take care of you and yours <3

  6. This too shall pass…my friend. Sending you well wishes during this difficult time.